Trudeau Doubles Down On Joshua Boyle Meeting, Throws Security Officials Under The Bus

He refuses to realize why so many Canadians are outraged at his horrendous judgement.

Justin Trudeau is refusing to acknowledge that his meeting with Joshua Boyle – who is now facing tons of charges in court – was a horrendous mistake.

Not only is Trudeau doubling down on the meeting – despite having often not met with the families of other Canadian hostages – but he’s even throwing Canada’s hard-working security officials under the bus.

As noted by Global News, “I can tell you that we received full assurances from all our intelligence officials and agencies that the meeting could proceed,” he said. “More than that, you’ll have to talk to the officials involved.”

Trudeau has also tried saying the meeting is a usual thing for Prime Ministers, which has been debunked by former Harper government staff saying they would never have approved a meeting of that kind.

The most disgraceful part of Trudeau’s comments is that he’s trying to throw Canada’s security officials (who work hard to keep our nation safe) under the bus to distract from his lack of judgement, and deflect from questions about why he seems so unwilling to confront or even discuss radical Islam.

Additionally, Trudeau is also saying he has “no memories” of meeting Boyle in 2006:

“In regards to 2006, I remember being with [retired Lt.-Gen.] Romeo Dallaire at an event in Ramsden Park in Toronto to highlight the plight of Darfur, and I have memories of being there with Romeo Dallaire. I have no memories of meeting anyone else there.”


It’s the latest example of Trudeau denying reality and pinning the blame on others, and refusing to accept that he is responsible for his own actions.

Spencer Fernando

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