B.C.’s Emissions Rise Despite Carbon Tax, Showing It’s All About Extracting More Money From Taxpayers

As always, no matter what reason the elites give as justification, carbon taxes are about taking more money out of the pockets of taxpayers.

Despite the carbon tax, emissions in B.C. continue to rise.

As noted by the Vancouver Sun, “The latest figures, for the year 2015, estimate B.C.’s carbon emissions at 63.3 million tonnes of carbon equivalent, an increase of 1.6 per cent over the previous year.”

Of course, rising emissions are not a bad thing. It’s a sign of economic growth.

However, the fact that emissions are growing despite the carbon tax – and the fact that the elites plan to keep imposing and increasing carbon taxes – shows that the taxes were always about raising revenue, not reducing pollution.

As I’ve said before, Canada has some very weak punishments for those who violate Canada’s pollution laws. But since those in power want to extract more revenue, they instead impose a carbon tax rather than toughen the rules.

Those in power need to stop lying about why they’re imposing carbon taxes. It’s not about the environment. Its about ripping more money out of our pockets, and the longer carbon taxes are in place the more obvious the lie becomes.

The fact that carbon taxes can’t be sold on the truthful merits of the policy, and are instead sold with deception, is another reason to reject them.

Additionally, Canada (and individual Canadian provinces), contribute almost nothing to global emissions, so carbon taxes punish our own citizens – all so elitist politicians can virtue-signal on the global stage.

What a waste.

Spencer Fernando

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