ARROGANCE: Trudeau Shows Contempt For Canadians With Refusal To Apologize For Spreading Hijab Attack Hoax

A true leader would take responsibility for spreading a lie around the world. That’s not what Trudeau did.

Despite playing the lead role in spreading the hijab hoax around the world, Justin Trudeau is not only refusing to apologize, but he’s attacking Canadians again.

In his statement after the hoax was revealed – which I wrote about here – Trudeau called the fake incident “a warning sign of increased intolerance.”

No condemnation of the family for lying.

No apology.

No acknowledgment that when he tweeted out a message – naming the girl – he made it into an international story and put the entire weight of Canada’s reputation behind a story that was unconfirmed at the time.

Yet, instead of showing any self-awareness, Trudeau shows his total arrogance, and his contempt for the Canadian people by refusing to apologize.

He spread a lie to the entire country, and assumed the worst about Canadians.

Additionally, while many politicians also talked about the story, few of them have Trudeau’s large social media following, and none of them have the responsibility of national leadership.

Of note, while Andrew Scheer quote-tweeted a message from the police and called on people to help with the investigation, Trudeau named the girl, spoke in a press conference, and arrogantly acted as if he spoke for all Canadians.

So, while both Trudeau and Scheer were fooled by the hoax, the impact of Trudeau’s response was far worse.

Without Trudeau’s intervention, the story would likely have remained a local matter, not an international story.

By refusing to acknowledge that, Trudeau shows once again how unfit he is for leadership.

Spencer Fernando

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