ARROGANCE: Trudeau Shows Contempt For Canadians With Refusal To Apologize For Spreading Hijab Attack Hoax

A true leader would take responsibility for spreading a lie around the world. That’s not what Trudeau did.

Despite playing the lead role in spreading the hijab hoax around the world, Justin Trudeau is not only refusing to apologize, but he’s attacking Canadians again.

In his statement after the hoax was revealed – which I wrote about here – Trudeau called the fake incident “a warning sign of increased intolerance.”

No condemnation of the family for lying.

No apology.

No acknowledgment that when he tweeted out a message – naming the girl – he made it into an international story and put the entire weight of Canada’s reputation behind a story that was unconfirmed at the time.

Yet, instead of showing any self-awareness, Trudeau shows his total arrogance, and his contempt for the Canadian people by refusing to apologize.

He spread a lie to the entire country, and assumed the worst about Canadians.

Additionally, while many politicians also talked about the story, few of them have Trudeau’s large social media following, and none of them have the responsibility of national leadership.

Of note, while Andrew Scheer quote-tweeted a message from the police and called on people to help with the investigation, Trudeau named the girl, spoke in a press conference, and arrogantly acted as if he spoke for all Canadians.

So, while both Trudeau and Scheer were fooled by the hoax, the impact of Trudeau’s response was far worse.

Without Trudeau’s intervention, the story would likely have remained a local matter, not an international story.

By refusing to acknowledge that, Trudeau shows once again how unfit he is for leadership.

Spencer Fernando

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Eric Lehner

Thank you, Spencer, for being on top of this story. The double standard and hypocrisy are again on FULL display. The original story receives HUGE coverage. The revelation of it being a hoax, is muted. Not even the word hoax is allowed in the official release, merely that the attack “did not occur”. All so very prim and proper now that the tables are turned. This double standard in Canada is revolting. Muslims in Canada have a more peaceful and pleasant existence in Canada than ANYWHERE in the Muslim world. I am fine with that, because Canada is a wonderful… Read more »


Thank you, Mr. LEHNER, for your neutral attitudes.
The hoax picks “Asian man” as the scapegoat this time. And the fake story is fabricated near the Asian-Canadian community. Thus, many Asians are angry with the politicians who still defend their false compassion for the radical Islams.

Attilio Barcados

hi, read the plan some published in the huff post; arrogance this article says

Haji alKidya

Trudeau is a treasonous Islamophile and a dhimmi. Trudeau…making Canada a safer place to live…or NOT.


turdo is anti- Canadian. his old man put Canadians into the toilet and now jr. is flushing. He is destroying Canada to make his own moslem state so he can be drama queen forever.

Howard Pont

Trudeau is reckless and a danger to ALL CANADIANS and anyone who cherishes our way of life. He is quick to point, to lay blame and demand special protection to the religion of his beloved mentor, Aha Khan. He has been quick to criticize our country’s business partners and other world leaders. He falsely claimed when the lie came out, that it is a warning of increased intolerance. The only intolerance that has been seen is a PM out of touch with reality. This child committed a hate crime, she blamed a race for a crime that was never committed.… Read more »

Mark Orr

Sorry but this is not arrogance. This is the result of Entitlement. Like most young people today he does what he wants when he wants and has no fear of consequences because they are entitled not arrogant.


Justin Trudeau needs to apologize for jumping the gun before an investigation was don!! But then I don’t expect any good from him!! What is really too disgusting is the fact that the 11 year old girl and her family have not apologized to Canada for their dumb act!! They should be charged!! And at 11 she knew what she was doing so no excuses!!! This Islamphobia thing is ridiculous — now they should be worried about Canadians who will not try to trust them or include them anymore. They have made their own bed just like many Aboriginals have.… Read more »

tTommy Hawk

I have commented before and shall continue, in view of all of the evidence, that individual was in fact brainwashed by ‘daddy’ from the age of understanding (in either or both official languages) to be precisely what he is — the prime example of a “Manchurian Candidate,” complete with ‘external stimuli’ that causes him to respond to an react to outside stimuli as he goes through his ‘pretend P.M.’ role in his internal drama school responses. He cannot take responsibility for anything he does because ‘responsibility’ is not a word with any meaning to him — hence, he continues to… Read more »


Have been banned from FB for expressing my distaste for the hijab Hoax and Trudeau — this country has gone to the evil side of town!! Unreal!!!! Looks like they can commit hate crimes and be catered to but Canadians don’t matter. This will cause more tension, division and lack of trust/inclusion of those who commit such falsehoods!!

Terry Gain

Accusing those who objected to a false claim of intolerance is intolerable. Of what are we intolerant? I am offended by Trudeau’s attack on Canadians. It is hate speech.


The only warning sign that I see, is that of a government out of control that fails to govern for the will of the people, and that would no doubt have been sent packing already if we had impeachment and recall laws. What a disaster.

Sandra Clark

Why does Trudeau play the racist card at every opportunity that arises? Why does he support and defend the Muslims every time and you never hear a peep from him when it’s the other way around…aggression towards other Canadians? There are many cultures, religions, churches, code of dress, discrimination and assimilation with every one in Canada. We are a diverse Country. We are an accepting Country for the most of us. If a “Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” in his words…Why does he not support “every” Canadian? Of all Nationalities? Why is he so adamant in blaming mainly… Read more »

Bill Evans

You took the words from My mouth..


I find this disgusting, it should not be dropped their should be an investigation into “who put this girl up to this”. It was going to be called a hate crime, is it not a hate crime that she described the man as being oriental. I am sick of this government constantly saying Canadians have something against muslims. What about the Swastika put on someone’s car and the two White Canadians that were beheaded in the Philippines. JT meeting with the Boyle family, it all seems very fishy. If JT is re-elected I can stomach it, many people are discriminated… Read more »


sorry meant I could not stomach JT re-election. Andrew Scheer also needs to get real. As Kathleen Wynne (hopefully gone next election) & John Tory.


CM he Became a Muslim Years Ago Along With His Brother Who is Very Radical And So Is This Moron


He is doing this for the votes he get

Chris vrecko

He needs to be removed yesterday not today. The longer he stays the more foolish Canada looks.

alan skelhorne

well fernando, now we can see really what is happening in canada, this so called leader should have apolgised to all canadians, can you ever imagine how the asians feel, after one of their own was called a hijab slicer. its time that all canadians woke up after this latest episode with trudeau n his new followers.

J. R.

Alan, of all the follow up articles (slim pickings) and accompanying messages; you’re the only one who mentioned how the Asian community must have felt. Thank you.

It takes a special kind of idiot to validate a hate crime to the world while an investigation is ongoing.


Thank you

A.A. Burley

He calls us Racist, he thinks we are stupid! Lets show trudeau, and make him GO!

Margaret Patterson

You can see the contempt on Trudeau’s face . I wouldn’t be surprised if he was aware of the fact that this whole thing was a hoax from before it happened. Trudeau and his band of outlaws probably instigated the whole thing to make us look bad . It makes one question the validity of certain other events . For example , the Quebec mosque shootings. It was days before the public were given a chance to view the crime scene and unless they are miracle workers there was very little damage for the amount of shots reported .And recently… Read more »


Who gives him the right to over step the police investigation and shoot of his mouth before any proper steps are taken he has to step down not the leader of this great land

Peter Straw

How can something that did not happen be a warning signal for increased intolerance? its like these clowns are crying because their story went south.
Who is the woman in Ottawa (complete with slave headgear) who is going on and on about the poor girl and intolerance? Does she not know it did not f….ing happen even if she wishes really hard and crosses her toes – no chance to cash the victim card today.

Bill Evans

How did You know who was behind that mask?…it may have been Her attacker, if there was one…People should be able to see facial expressions, at least, of Persons making accusations, so They might be able to access the truthfulness of such accusations for Themselves….the masked man was always the bad guy when I was growing up..

Ray walsh

Little potato head just keeps getting it wrong , every mistake puts another nail in his political coffin and he will continue to screw up and Canadians will hopefully wise up to his constant mistakes and realise what an idiot we have in charge of OUR COUNTRY


What the heck is Trudeau actually saying here? My interpretation is that he’s promoting this faked non-event as actually still an event. Or something like that. Get the feeling he pushing scare stories of rampant religious hate crimes against Muslims despite the incidence of such crimes dropping while those against Jews are increasing. Where is his defense of those who actually need it?

Brian Schonewille

IN Canada, identifying an individual who is under 18 during a criminal investigation is still a crime is it not?

stephen walker

Justin trudeau is a puppet for the globalists agenda (meeting with George Soros) along with the german chancellor and other countries are involved as well. Everyone needs to wake up to whats really going on. the elite globalists own mainstream media and have been lying to the world about what is really going on. please please open your eyes everyone and look into what is going on around the world and in Canada. Donald Trump gets it and is trying his hardest to stop it but everyone is listening to the lies and fake news of mainstream media. look into… Read more »


What’s sad, is all these comments are correct . We Canadians, are living under the most out of touch, righteous, entitled , leader, whom acts more like a dictator, than a proper democratic PM, of a once, great country.
Please , people, do not let this destructive PM, have your vote when election time comes. Don’t forget the damage he had done.
Mr Fernando,thank you. You make us proud.


I suspect this whole thing was arranged by Trudeau and his jihadist Islamists. It has been a while since we have had any fake news regarding Muslims and Islam in Canada. Margaret is correct in that his instant declaration that this fake news was a hate crime is suspicious. Who is he to make such decisions. The same sort of decision he made when he personally decided that Canadian courts would lose regarding Khadr and rewarded Khadr with $10.5 million because he got wet and lost some sleep. His claim the he was a hero in saving Canada millions is… Read more »

cristina hague

there is one answer….. he’s a convert 😉

Georgina Jones

JT is an idiot indeed……..I find it offensive that he is the Prime Minister of Canada.


I remember the boat (refugees) that came over and it showed the Youth that drown, it was the Father who was in charge of them coming over, then he went back to his country, that made a hit on election day and a win for the current government! It made world news as well. Not given the whole story, Media just covering the part that keeps and attracts votes, sure tore at the heart strings of Canadians!


I think that their should be put into Law the Canadianophobia, and look into the matters of turdoe


This whole mess is to make it easier for jihadi Justin to implement the M-103 and Sharia law into Canadian law.

K. Terry Brown

He also lies incessantly regarding women’s hard fought battle to secure a right to abortion. There has not been that discussion in Canadian jurisprudence- there is no right to abortion in any Canadian document just as no unborn child has a right to life. Is this the Canadian values Trudeau crows about?

Pejman Pirgheibi

There is a lot of anger towards Mr. Trudeau…..he has made some wonderful decisions and some not so good ones. He feels like we all do and makes mistakes like we all do. He still has my support because he is a real human being. When i saw him pass me climbing the grouse grind he was kind enough to stop and speak with all those whom he passed. He is intelligent and empathizes well.


Your kidding right? He has violated 4 ethics laws the first pm in history to be charged and convicted criminally, he elbowed a woman in the house of commons, he has given way more of our money to forgein interests than our own people, he is constantly shaming us and you support him just because he is a nice guy. For god’s sake what is with you liberal supporters, wrong is wrong is wrong but you still blindly follow then you all get mad when called sheep.

Allis Chalmers

Trudeau and his socialist liberals keep digging the hole to there demise for next election we will see them gone. Will be a glorious day for this country.

Stephen E.

Baby Doc Trudeau knows very well that the main stream media treats him and his failures as though everything he does is perfect. Ergo he has become like Teflon – nothing sticks to him. He will apologise to every small group within Canada for something that happened very far in the past, but never to Canadians as a whole for what he does today. Shooting his mouth off long before his brain goes into gear is typical of him, and is a behaviour that he and Obama have in common. Before the facts are in, they comment in a manner… Read more »


This is a targeted HATE crime on an Asian man. as well as race baiting. intentionally inflicting harm on said Asian man According to new Liberal laws. I would expect after 25 years in Canada these crimes would be prosecuted accordingly. Unless Justin and his Liberals want to tell us this was his false flag to promote Bill M-=103. Its situations like this that set the standard for equality in society. A minor and you release her identity? press conference? fishy? worried about back lash because she is a Muslim ? How about back lash for commuting a crime, wasting… Read more »


Can Canadians recall this clown?