HOAX: Police Say Hijab Attack In Toronto “Did Not Happen”

Numerous politicians sent out messages in the wake of the fake incident.

The reported “hijab attack” in Toronto that received international attention last week was a hoax.

That’s according to the Toronto Police, who released the following statement:

On Friday, January 12, 2018, the Toronto Police Service requested assistance identifying a man involved in an Assault with a Weapon investigation. 

See previous release

After a detailed investigation, police have determined that the events described in the original news release did not happen. 

The investigation is concluded.

Numerous politicians had released statements in the wake of the attack, despite many questioning the details of what took place.

Here’s what Trudeau said at the time:

Andrew Scheer was also quick to comment:

The response to the attack by those in power was a stark contrast from how most other incidents are handled. Usually, there is a time period of waiting for details before commenting, a step that was not taken in this instance.

Additionally, serious crimes take place across the country, and politicians almost never comment.

Many politicians also used the fake incident to speak out against “Islamophobia,” which is a term that is often used to silence legitimate discussions about Islam in Canadian society.

The fact that so many public figures used the moment to push a political and ideological agenda instead of waiting for confirmation is very concerning, and will only lead to a further loss of trust in the increasingly out-of-touch elitist political class.

Natasha Fatah made a great point in the wake of this revelation:

Much of the media has also taken a serious credibility hit, and there will be tough questions for the entire political/media establishment in the wake of this incident. After all, criticism shouldn’t be directed towards an 11-year-old girl. It should be directed towards those who tried using this hoax for their own political benefit.

Of course, the elites are already showing their trademark arrogance, as they refuse to apologize or even acknowledge they got it wrong.

Once again, Canadians are seeing that the truth increasingly comes from independent and alternative media, and those in power cannot be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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when will Turdeau’s fake news stop,here is the answer when he is out of office and the Liberals take their “Blinders” off


Right on

Jay Quinlan

Maybe a statement from our so called leaders to state that stirring up racial and religious hatred will not be tolerated from within the, dare I say it, Islamic community. As she is 11 years old and cannot be charged with Public Mischief maybe it should be pointed out that had she been 12 years old she could have been, but i seriously doubt it. Maybe she was just practicing her right under Sharia law: “Taqiyya is an Islamic juridical term whose shifting meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie; or maybe as she… Read more »


They are waiting a case to justify M103, and are out of patience! They need creat the environment so special protection for a certain group “looks absolutely necessary”! Wait, there maybe more cases to come, when the election day come closer.


How many politicians will show concern about the number of “Non-Muslim” Canadians that are assaulted or injured today or on any given day???? Answer: Zero

Old Patroit

and that was the lead story on the Canadian Liberal Broadcasting corporation and CTV–no other news in the world ha ha ha Very sad–Oh Canada


We have fake news running rampant in Canada. Unlike the US which has a balance through Fox News, CBC and CTV are puppets for the Liberal government and the elite ruling class.


In the culture of Islam this is commonly referred to as taqiyya.

Taqiyya = lying with a straight face, particularly to infidels.

Crap like this comes as no surprise as it has been a few weeks since the last fake Islamic news. Apologies by the politicians?? Doubtful.

don morris

I notice at CBC and other msm outlets they are not allowing comments on this story NOW, but they DID allow comments when it was first reported and still believed. Trudeau owes all Canadians an apology for shooting his big mouth off before he knew the facts,and he or his PMO staff must know that these episodes against Muslims are usually self-perpetrated hoaxes. The kid and her activist Mother should be charged with mischief,which is a serious charge with severe penalties. We need to stop these aggressive Muslim activists from using these phony events to further intimidate our already cowardly… Read more »

don morris


Forgot to add this from a law firm about making false statements to Police.


Why in the hell is the media not shining the light upon real atrocities happening everyday in this country? Like homelessness, children going to school hungry, drugs controlling our young people…. the travesties go on forever… and nobody cares. But, if some poor muslim is insulted, whoa, we are all criticised – I cannot wrap my brain around this BS… why are the muslims so special? Why are they given all the rights, all the protection? While we Canadians are treated like dog food (or maybe, poop)? Totally fed up with this crap.

Jim crow

Because they have lots of Saudi money behind them, building mosques, funding Islamic associations like CAIR in the US, , and Canadian council of Muslims. And buying most of the Toronto Star also helps their discourse.


The whole incident is disgusting but then again we have a PM who insists on prosecuting those involved in some manner regarding some drugs but comes from a family where a few used drugs supposedly? And a PM who has used extremely vulgar language when crossing the floor and physically grabbing an MP and then elbowing a female MP, and all the while some say that the PM says he is a feminist. And as an MP was seen with Jean Chretien who was making a gagging joke about what some call a Shawinigan Handsake but others might consider assault… Read more »

Chris vrecko

In thinking about this I and many others are asking why there hasn’t been any punishment for this act. If that was a Canadian that did this, it would be everywhere on every channel every “news”paper in the country. The Canadian would be brought up on charges of racism and mischief. A fine for sure possible jail time. So maybe tell me why this matter was tossed like the rotten potato it is. She and who ever was culpable must be treated like we would. This is reversed rascism…


yes they don’t usually comment on ordinary crimes but this was not ordinary because it was a MUSLIM making the claim, which means everyone has to fall over themselves getting in on the slandering of Canadians for being “bigoted” against muslims, who live in mortal fear every waking moment of their lives on the streets of scarborough ! other crimes are just about kafirs and infidels, so no big deal, wait for confirmation. but a muslim? no confirmation needed…just say the word!

Alci B

Trudeau and Scheer owe the Canadian people an apology for responding to a hoax as if it were fact !


At 11 years of age, they know when they lie and what they are doing if they have been taught well!! They also know the consequences of same. I believe she may have been coaxed, in which case she should be charged as well as the parents for said hate crime and fake tears and story!!

Kerry Clark

Isn’t it also a law that you, as an adult parent are legally responsible for any wrong doing your underage child does?

Moe Somers

Trudeau really needs to give his head a shake.
His social bullying rhetoric towards ordinary, hardworking, and law-abiding Canadian citizens is starting to wear thin. How about an apology to the Ontario Asian community for the assumption the supposed attacker was an Asian male. Then an apology to ALL Ontarians for jumping the gun!


This false accusation coming from a young Muslim only shows the systemic racism and hatred Muslims have for Canada and Canadians.

Patricia Labbe

On Monday 1/15/18 when the incident was declared by police to be a hoax I tweeted that Mayor Tory, Premier Wynne and PM Trudeau should make a public apology to all Canadians for jumping the gun and assuming we are all “Islamophobes”. The tweet nor my retweet never appeared although it is listed under my tweets sent. Shadow banning?
And why such a short cryptic response from police after the quick and loud dog and pony show after the “incident”? Case closed Folks. Nothing to see here. Move along. SMH


So does anything happen to the girl in terms of punishment? I realize she is 11, but when I grew up if we would have made a false police report we would have ended up in big trouble. There should be consequences for things like this.