MANIPULATIVE: Trudeau Statement On Fake Hijab Attack Calls It “A Warning Sign Of Increased Intolerance”

An unbelievably deceptive response by the PMO to a hoax that Justin Trudeau played a huge part in spreading.

Almost immediately after the story of a hijab attack was reported, Justin Trudeau made comments both on Twitter and at a public event. His comments helped spread the story far and wide, turning it into an international incident.

Yet, Trudeau commented without actually knowing the facts, and it has now been revealed as a hoax.

So, is Trudeau apologizing for spreading the big lie?


Instead, he’s doubling down on his manipulative messaging, releasing the following statement:

We can notice that Trudeau’s PMO statement includes no apology, and no admission of his responsibility for spreading the hoax.

This is an absurd, and disturbing response.

Justin Trudeau is totally ignoring the real issue, which is that someone – or a group of people – created a fake incident.

That incident was immediately used by people like Trudeau and the elites to bring up “Islamophobia” – a term they’re using to try and silence any dissent, disagreement, and discussion about Islam – even though we are supposed to be a free society where we can discuss these issues.

Trudeau’s response show that he has an agenda that doesn’t line up with the vast majority of Canadians, and he is willing to demonize the vast majority of our citizens, even when he has been exposed as a dishonest and hypocritical deceiver.

Canadians can’t trust anything that Justin Trudeau says.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube/Twitter

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