MANIPULATIVE: Trudeau Statement On Fake Hijab Attack Calls It “A Warning Sign Of Increased Intolerance”

An unbelievably deceptive response by the PMO to a hoax that Justin Trudeau played a huge part in spreading.

Almost immediately after the story of a hijab attack was reported, Justin Trudeau made comments both on Twitter and at a public event. His comments helped spread the story far and wide, turning it into an international incident.

Yet, Trudeau commented without actually knowing the facts, and it has now been revealed as a hoax.

So, is Trudeau apologizing for spreading the big lie?


Instead, he’s doubling down on his manipulative messaging, releasing the following statement:

We can notice that Trudeau’s PMO statement includes no apology, and no admission of his responsibility for spreading the hoax.

This is an absurd, and disturbing response.

Justin Trudeau is totally ignoring the real issue, which is that someone – or a group of people – created a fake incident.

That incident was immediately used by people like Trudeau and the elites to bring up “Islamophobia” – a term they’re using to try and silence any dissent, disagreement, and discussion about Islam – even though we are supposed to be a free society where we can discuss these issues.

Trudeau’s response show that he has an agenda that doesn’t line up with the vast majority of Canadians, and he is willing to demonize the vast majority of our citizens, even when he has been exposed as a dishonest and hypocritical deceiver.

Canadians can’t trust anything that Justin Trudeau says.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube/Twitter

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Tim Chapman

The only thing Canadians are becoming more and more intolerant of is Trudeau himself……hopefully enough to kick his butt to the curb.

Valerie Clark

That can’t and won’t happen. The voting was rigged last time and it’ll be MUCH worse in 2019 because George Soros’ vote counting company will be used to count the votes. Turdo will win in the biggest landslide in Canadian history. Canada will then disintegrate before our eyes because we in the West simply will NOT have it.


Gee. Yer my girl, Val. I really hope you’re right about the West but it seems awfully leftist out here to me. I suspected early that Soros money was behind the massive “Get Harper’ brainwashing that went on throughout the election campaigning.

Ana Gomes

Ask CBC to investigate. They are richly paid by the taxpayers to do it. Instead they pushed Trudeau into a circus of corruption and made sure that the juicy parts are played down and hidden for as long as possible , by using their time to bash Trump and please Soros in 2 different ways. Boycott CBC. They, like” partner in deceit” CNN, are slaves of Soros and Company: political mobs, the Clintons , the Bushes, the Obamas, the New world Order Clan of a few Illuminati: the world domination by a superior, deserving” intelligentsia.” The only virtue, today, when… Read more »


Valerie, I fear you are correct. But forewarned is forarmed. Can CSIS, the RCMP and our military be engaged to ensure Liberals and the Globalist Cabal don’t succeed in rigging the next Canadian election. The Trudeau Elites see Canada’s vast geography as a “camp” for the world’s impoverished migrant population. This is a NIMBY strategy by the Elites AND an attempt to seize our equally vast mineral & oil reserves.

gerald w mccormick

theres nothing this gov wont do to undermine democracy.

Civil Civilian

Take this liar and throw him out of Canada


He didn’t ‘lie’ He ‘misspoke,’ when in reality he used ‘taqiyya’ to address the Canadian people. Meaning;

There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

tTommy Hawk

This is just another example of his insatiable appetite for self admiration and his ego maniac personality. He lives within his own little ‘glory bubble,’ and plays on the “Yellow Brick Road,” while continually acting in ways detrimental to Canada.

It is the sincere hope of millions of Canadians that he does not succeed in achieving a second term, for that, in the view of many, would destroy Canada.

Raymond of Canada

How can we learn from an incident which never happened? But Trudy could learn to keep his mouth shut. If the incident had been real, would it be the end of the world? Would the girl be traumatized for life? Oh, here’s a question: Would the poor family want to go back to where they came from?


Did the Liberals set the whole thing up???? Since they are always throwing our police nasty remarks etc. did they think that they are also stupid, should they investigate further to see where this whole scam began? Or if it was just a group trying to get more attention for their cause. Trudeau does not seem to know Real Canadians too well. If he is scamming us again, should they be charged if we played a game like this, having the good police running looking for a bad Canadian we would be charged. I agree with all the other comments… Read more »

John Fox

I wonder how much he witless pay her for this scam

Leon Kushner

I believe they did. How else did the CBC manage to setup an interview and report on it within 45 minutes of the supposed event? I think they orchestrated it along with their moslem supporters who are pushing for bill M103.

Roger Shelswell

And where is the prick now to talk down the muzeats the way he did Canadians.Deport the entire family

Jeff Creasey

There is NO INTOLERANCE, but YOU SIR along with your entire Cabal of CROOKS and THIEVES are absolutely INTOLERABLE!



Roger Shelswell

Trudope owes Canadians an apology.

Ana Gomes

Roger: Trudeau’s apologies have the same value as his tears on demand. There is no credibility left in what he says or does. He is truly intolerable.Defending Trudeau, today, means you are on the” oinking tit” AND LIES AND CORRUPTION ARE NO OBJECTION, OR YOU ARE A SHALLOW IDIOT WHO WANTS A SELFIE… Remember how he responded to the accusation of corruption about his Bahamas indulgence and the fact that he gives big buckets of money to the “Aga- Con”. All very truly fetid , and a world of rats in the mix. He said that the System of having… Read more »


Trudeau has to go!

Melanie Greenham

Feeling duped and dumb yet ye merry Liberal Sheep?
Yet another fail by liberals in #DueDiligence

Bill Carruthers

Trudeau, you are the worst “person” I know of. Worse than Obama, and that hard to beat! You need to be taken out of office and fully charged for the crimes you’ve committed. You are a disaster to our nation just as your pathetic father was. You are so ignorant to the needs of the people of this nation. You are a disgrace to Canada. You are nothing more than a spoiled rich punk. You’ll never get a second term. Can’t wait till you’re done!

Joseph Pasher

He should be charged with treason to the Canadian people

G. Ficociello

“Tolerance is the virtue of a man with no convictions” our system is creating this so called intolerance. “Trudeau has to go”. (notice how well it rhymes!)

Greg Johnson

I fear Justin may suffer from Islamophobia-phobia.


Isn’t it wondrous that a fake story involving a mini-Muslima is investigated within minutes yet repeated videos of imams preaching “Kill all Jews”, and “Death to infidels” in Justin’s mosques has taken months and absolutely nothing has been done. “Under investigation” is the official taqiyya. It is clear there is one Legal System for Liberals and Muslims and another for Canadians.

It was predicted that Trudeau and Wynne wouldn’t apologize for their instant pandering to yet more fake Muslim news and the predictions were correct.

The Muslimama must be charged and jailed to set an example.

Del Belaire

We are a country that defends freedom of religion except when those beliefs are different than mine and a grant is being applied for or when the poorly vetted Governor General chooses to mock those beliefs.

russ browne

There is a pattern of Trudeau reacting before he knows the facts, just like he reacted to Omar Kahdr’s lawsuite against Canada and then handed a terrorist – as determined by American authorities – 10.5 Million Taxpayer dollars.

This recent incident with the now proven fake claim that a man cut an 11 year old Islamic girl’s Hijab off also got a knee jerk response from Trudeau who immidiately started scolding Canadians about being Islamophobic.

Trudeau is a reactionary and a mental midget who really has no business being our ‘leader’.

Christian Christian

There have been several real and much more brutal attacks on women wearing hijabs in Toronto alone. So of course it was taken seriously.

Paul Sutton

Makes me think about the Peterborough Mosque FIRE. Was it the same as the above scenario, a HOAX

Blind Druid

Now if somebody actually does cut her head rag, the little liar will be pooched. I smell a coercing Imam here.

Clint mason

He is tied to this Islamic extremist movement Khadijah family and Trudyeas are simehow connected and either working together or Khadts have something very bad on him and the liberals My guess is they have been influence peddling the terrorist funding Khadijah family’s wishes The liberals are involved as well now they are working in a panic to hide out up walls and throw misdirected were all racists and other leftist fodder to stop the already leftist media from actually looking into the true history Payoffs, new laws that basically muzzle any form of questioning, allowing war criminal forgiveness and… Read more »


I believe Justin Trudeau really needs to be examined by a doctor. So after this family lies about a false attack he says nothing . I guess it’s okay since they’re Muslim.

Bobby Barnes

“As this pattern is a warning sign of increased intolerance” Does he mean the pattern of crafting fake hate crimes to falsely blame Canadians of bigotry?
“thankfully the incident never happened”. What? It did happen, and is a clear case of a orchestrated hate crime against non-Muslim Canadians. There needs to an investigation, starting with the mother, who appears to be the one who orchestrated the false police report. Get ready Canada, Trudeau’s response appears to further justify the introduction of Sharia in Canadian Law.


One has to notice this supposed victim looked rather pleased with herself, rather than scared or upset.

Mickey Oberman

Trudeau was only trying to protect his fellow Muslims from being
suspects in a rather unusual and unbelievable crime.


I think she was coached both her and her brother. There is no way a child would come up with such a scheme. I tell you that I’m Islamophobic and it’s because of this sort of thing that have caused it. Not only does the bleeding hearts now get their tongues going and backs up, but all the Muslims are thinking “those Canadians are so bad, look at what they did to this poor girl, now we have to get back at them.” The white person is the bad person here, not the Muslim girl. If the rolls were reversed… Read more »


” Freedom of Religion, freedom of expression” but religious groups that donot agree with the Liberals, & donot check a box on an application form regarding abortion, to receive funding for summer students, are denied funding. How free is that expression, of their choice, & religious freedom.
Then he & his brother wear t shirts depicting The Last Supper as a birthday party of memes. He is UNBELIEVABLE, has to go.


Why can Canadians not wake up to the fact that Trudeau is slowly but surely bringing about the demise of the Canada we knew before this mass Islamic immigration. Like England, Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Canada is being taken over and a high percentage of Canadians (like Europeans) are allowing it to happen. Trudeau has been caught in lie after lie yet he receives nothing more than a slap on the wrist and the rich, entitled traitor to this Country continues on. The angst among true Canadian patriots is becoming increasingly painful. Carol


Is he seriously expecting the Canadian people to believe this idiotic statement??? What “pattern”? The only pattern is the fake attacks that are claimed to be happening. The “increased intolerance” is from HIM for anything that doesn’t fit his agenda of making one group of people the only ones who can claim they are victims, even though they are lying. The hoax was obviously perpetrated by others. I think little potato is angry that the hoax didn’t work. LOL

Gordon Carpenter

Hey Tim, Kick his butt out of the country you mean. He is a total social engineer and traitor. Our real enemy is liberalism the way it presently stands any way. How many times have nations been destroyed from within? Take a look and watch it in real time.

Richard Thompson

Justin Trudeau you have disgusted and insulted a lot of canadians. Now you refuse to prosicute those that broke the law and created Canadianphobia. You have shown us where your loyalties are! Not to Canadians.

Kirby Allen

I think the Fascist and Authoritarian tendencies of the Trudeau government are something we need to take “very, very, very seriously.” Trudeau has made it a criminal offense to say anything negative about the Muslim religion (or any Muslim person.) He says “there is an increased pattern of hate crimes,” yet the Statistics don’t bear this out. Last year there were 139 “anti-Muslim” “hate crimes” “reported” (note the undefined terms in quotations.) This was 20 fewer than the year before (out of a total of 2,000,000 crimes reported in Canada.) So far this year, the scissors incident has been the… Read more »

Blair Mulhall

On point.