POLL: Increasing Number Of Canadians Say Trudeau Government Doing “A Bad Job”

At the same time, the number of those saying the government is doing a good job continues to decline.

While the opposition parties have so far been unable to take advantage, public perception of the Trudeau government continues to worsen.

According to a Nanos Poll reported by the Globe & Mail, the number of Canadians saying Trudeau is doing a bad job has increased to 39%, up from 33% last year.

Meanwhile, 37% say the government is doing a good job, down from 43%.

Of note, “The result is that Mr. Trudeau’s positive ratings now match those the former Conservative prime minister had in the 2014 Nanos-IRPP survey. “It’s kind of ironic that the positive evaluations now are comparable to Stephen Harper at the end of his mandate,” said pollster Nik Nanos, president of Ottawa-based Nanos Research.”

Vulnerability for the Trudeau government

The accumulation of scandals is taking a toll on the Trudeau government, driving down their approval ratings despite much of the elite media doing everything they can to prop up Trudeau’s image by downplaying his problems and focusing on fluff/US politics instead.

However, the rise of independent media – which the elites are desperate to silence – means the word is still getting out to Canadians, particularly on issues such as Trudeau’s dangerously submissive approach to radical Islam, letting Canada get sold out to China, betraying middle class and working class Canadians, and his ethical problems.

Now, the opposition parties have to take advantage.

While Trudeau has become weaker, the Conservatives and NDP have not become stronger, which is why Trudeau still holds a lead in most polls.

The opposition – particularly the Conservatives since the NDP is so far behind – will have to aggressively confront Trudeau for his failures, while creating a contrasting set of policies that return control of our nation back to the Canadian people and holds the corrupt elites accountable for the damage they’ve done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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