Trudeau Government Refusing To Welcome More Yazidi Survivors Of ISIS Genocide

And they failed to even meet their target of settling 1,200 genocide survivors in Canada.

For all their manufactured “compassion,” the Trudeau government has been remarkably stingy when it comes to helping Yazidi survivors of the genocide perpetrated by ISIS.

While Trudeau talked a big game about rapidly settling 40,000 Syrian refugees during the election campaign – which has now strained government resources and led to severe issues with our immigration & refugee system – the approach of the government to the victims of ISIS’ brutal genocide was very different.

They dithered, and delayed, and then announced a target of resettling 1,200 in Canada.

Now, it’s been revealed that they didn’t even achieve that goal.

While the failure is being blamed on an airport closure in Northern Iraq, many have pointed out that the government delayed so long in resettling them that the airport should not have been an issue.

According to a recent report, only 981 people under the ISIS genocide survivors program were allowed into the country, and just 81% of them were Yazidi’s.

Meanwhile, thousands were allowed to cross the border illegally from the United States – a country that, needless to say, doesn’t have any genocide occurring.

Additionally, the Trudeau government has said the program won’t be renewed, meaning no new genocide survivors will be allowed into Canada.

This comes despite the fact that Trudeau is still planning a large increase in immigration and refugee settlement in the upcoming years.

What makes this all even more disturbing is that there is probably no more legitimate case of people needing help than the Yazidis and Christians brutally attacked by ISIS. Yazidis and Christians were targeted for genocide by ISIS, who systematically butchered them and attempted to eliminate them entirely.

The fact that the Trudeau government barely did anything to help the Yazidi’s is a disgrace, and it raises more concerning questions about the priorities of this government when it comes to who they see as deserving help.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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