Trudeau Government Refusing To Welcome More Yazidi Survivors Of ISIS Genocide

And they failed to even meet their target of settling 1,200 genocide survivors in Canada.

For all their manufactured “compassion,” the Trudeau government has been remarkably stingy when it comes to helping Yazidi survivors of the genocide perpetrated by ISIS.

While Trudeau talked a big game about rapidly settling 40,000 Syrian refugees during the election campaign – which has now strained government resources and led to severe issues with our immigration & refugee system – the approach of the government to the victims of ISIS’ brutal genocide was very different.

They dithered, and delayed, and then announced a target of resettling 1,200 in Canada.

Now, it’s been revealed that they didn’t even achieve that goal.

While the failure is being blamed on an airport closure in Northern Iraq, many have pointed out that the government delayed so long in resettling them that the airport should not have been an issue.

According to a recent report, only 981 people under the ISIS genocide survivors program were allowed into the country, and just 81% of them were Yazidi’s.

Meanwhile, thousands were allowed to cross the border illegally from the United States – a country that, needless to say, doesn’t have any genocide occurring.

Additionally, the Trudeau government has said the program won’t be renewed, meaning no new genocide survivors will be allowed into Canada.

This comes despite the fact that Trudeau is still planning a large increase in immigration and refugee settlement in the upcoming years.

What makes this all even more disturbing is that there is probably no more legitimate case of people needing help than the Yazidis and Christians brutally attacked by ISIS. Yazidis and Christians were targeted for genocide by ISIS, who systematically butchered them and attempted to eliminate them entirely.

The fact that the Trudeau government barely did anything to help the Yazidi’s is a disgrace, and it raises more concerning questions about the priorities of this government when it comes to who they see as deserving help.

Spencer Fernando

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Jim Crow

Good. No more.

Dave Bainard

Jr only has Islam on his mind. Limitless immigration for them as he knows that they will breed like flies. Christians get limited immigration and he makes damned sure they have unfettered access to abortion even with a low procreation rate. Maybe he wants to be considered Mohammed 2.0.

Clive Edwards

Don’t forget that Mohammed is Abraham 3.0 and Christ 2.0. And the Americans perpetrate genocide through proxies these days – proxies such as Al Quiada and ISIS.

Lou T

Shameful but then of course that genocide was conducted by muslims terrorists, they cannot do any wrong since they will make good citizens in Canada soon.

Eric Lehner

Mr Trudeau is widely known to be an Islamist sympathizer. This plain to all. Internationally.


If JT would pull his head out of the sand (not my first thought) he would know that the Yiziti’s and the Christians are the one group of people who are targeted, tortured, raped, burned, beheaded and whatever else these animals can do to these Christians. Instead, JT brings over fighting aged young men who should be in their Country fighting to save their own Country instead of coming to Canada to leach off the social programs. JT needs to resign NOW. He continually brings over the Islamists (who want to kill all infidels) instead of the woman and children… Read more »

Maria Elizabeth

JT resign ?? What country do you live in ?? That he will never do. Has an agenda to follow and to see through. As Canadians are tolerant and often apathetic the agenda should not be too difficult to bring to its desired end.

Terry Gain

Trudeau is creating a solid Muslim voting block. He has no compassion.


Why bother coming to Canada when Jihadi Justin Trudeau is bringing ISIS into Canada to re-integrate with the general after having killed innocent souls while they were in ME?
Yazidis, jews and Christians and many muslim apostates are not safe in Canada either. Jihadi Justin made no bones about where his loyalties lies which is definitely not not for Canada.


Trudeau making a remarkable love for muslin terrorist. And he became of hater of Jewish, canadian and Christian.
This men is a family of Satan.


SUBMISSION: The Danger of Political Islam to Canada: (With a Warning to America) Kindle Edition

by Thomas Quiggin (Author),‎ Tahir Gora (Author),


truduh! wants to settle those that soros wants on to canada… remember in 2016, trudeau foundation received over 535 million dollars from other countries… what do they want in return? why is it only liberal leaders have “foundations”? audit?

Maria Elizabeth

JT resign ?? That will not happen. He has an agenda to see through.


And the Muslim brotherhood is funding it

Lawrence Freedman

But lets keep bringing in ISIS Terrorists so we can “Rehabilitate” them!! SMH!!!


Trudeau is a bigot obviously against Christians for sure. Sad he has to follow a globalist mandate at any cost , including preventing our brother And sister Christians from the Middle East coming here when they need us most. This was once a Christian nation , and now there are powers working overtime to end what is left of our Christian heritage.

Terry Black

The answer to this puzzle of why Trudeau will not Migrate people under Genocide in the Middle East is simple!
Trudeau knows’ Yazidi survivors’ and Christians’ would not work in tandem to to destroy the Canadian population and these people will not serve a purpose for the benefit of the Globalist Agenda to de-populate Canada as these people, will not follow Cultural Marxist style Government under a dictatorship of a “One World Government”, run under the auspices’ of the United Nations!

Trudeau Government Refusing To Welcome More Yazidi Survivors Of ISIS Genocide


So, how do we get a new Government before 2019? This one is shameful, embarrassing, and just down right evil.

David MacKAY

Justin Trudeau’s brother Sacha embraced Islam in 2005. By 2009 Sacha had persuaded Justin to become a Muslim as as well. During the election Justin Trudeau spoke in all the major Mosques in Canada’s capital cities. The media was not allowed to be present. Think hard on this that during an election year the media was not allowed to be present any time Trudeau spoke to Moslem’s. What other religious group in Canada has ever received such accommodation from a candidate for Prime Minister? When observing Justin look past his fascist liberalism and focus your attention on Justin’s protection of… Read more »