POLL: Conservatives Gain, Within 3% Of Trudeau Liberals

Liberals have 37%, while the Conservatives are close behind at 33.8% according to poll from Nanos Research

A new Nanos Poll – which usually shows the Liberals with a wide-lead – has the Conservatives within the margin for error.

The poll shows the Liberals at 37%, the Conservatives 33.8%, with the NDP far behind at 20%.

Early reaction to the poll was a mix of surprise and skepticism, considering the fact that the Liberals had a 10% lead just last week in the same Nanos Poll.

However, the poll comes in the wake of numerous ethics scandals, including the Ethics Commissioner report into Justin Trudeau’s trip to the Aga Khan’s private island.

As many have pointed out, Trudeau becoming the first PM found to have violated federal ethics rules while in office is the complete opposite of the kind of government he pledged to lead, and could put a serious dent in his carefully crafted media image.

There is also a lot of anger towards the lack of real consequences for Trudeau, who isn’t even being fined for his ethics breach. It confirms in the minds of millions of Canadians that Trudeau and the elites feel entitled to exempt themselves from the same rules that apply to the rest of us.

Conservatives lead in Ontario

The poll shows the Conservatives leading in Ontario by four, which represents a big drop for the Liberals.

Of note, if this poll is the beginning of a trend, it has much more to do with Liberal troubles than an increase in Scheer’s image. Trudeau still has a large lead in the “preferred Prime Minister” category, though this is slowly narrowing as well.

However, the Conservatives have a strong core base of support, and have kept hammering Trudeau and the Liberals for their numerous failures and scandals, and this has dented Liberal support.

So, for all those who say that “positivity wins,” it seems clear that toughness and a relentless effort on holding the government accountable are effective in persuading many Canadians of the need for a change in government.

After all, Scheer will never be able to be more “nice” than Trudeau, but he can be more competent and credible as a leader.

Read the full poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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And we hear on the news that Trudeau met with John Kerry on his “family holiday” trip to Khan Island Resort. This is yet ANOTHER lie in a long string of lies by Trudeau who claimed he didn’t meet Kerry. Once President Trump and his NAFTA negotiators hear of Trudeau colluding with the Clinton Liberal Democrats against Trump we can expect NAFTA will be damaged. Another success story in Trudeau’s continuing quest to damage this wonderful country. I wonder if Liberal Party members are considering a leadership review? I might just spend a few bucks to join and demand he… Read more »


The latest Polls are Showing that Canadians are Finally Beginning to see the Light. This Idiot of a PM is Destroying this once Wonderful, Prosperous and Safe Country. I hope that Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces are Finally Waking up and Witnessing the Destruction of Canadian Lives and Canada by this Traitor and Dictator. People may Finally be Realizing that this Traitor Hates Canada and Canadians. His goal is to Destroy Canada as We Know and Love this Wonderful Country, and make Canada a Terrorist Islamic State! Trudeau has to be REMOVED ASAP!

Miles Lunn

In Atlantic Canada the Liberals may still have a big lead but they have dropped 10 points since the last election and the Tories are up 10 points so that is a pretty big shift. Yes it will probably only flip around 5-7 seats in the Tories favour but it is the right direction. Quebec is going in the wrong direction, but to be fair it’s more like of alternative than people liking the Liberals. Unlike other provinces, the Conservative base is in the low teens there so quite weak and Scheer is pretty much invisible in Quebec. The BQ… Read more »