READ: Family Releases Statement After Fake Hijab Attack Report

The family involved in the fake hijab attack report that rapidly spread worldwide has a released a statement.

The full statement – first given to the Toronto Star – is below:

“We are deeply sorry for the pain and anger that our family has caused in the past several days.

When our young daughter told the school that she was attacked by a stranger, the school reacted with compassion and support — as did the police.

When we arrived at the school on Friday, we were informed what happened and assumed it to be true, just like everyone else. We only went public because we were horrified that there was such a perpetrator who may try to harm someone else.

This has been a very painful experience for our family. We want to thank everyone who has shown us support at this difficult time. Again, we are deeply sorry for this and want to express our sincere apologies to every Canadian.

We look forward to closing this difficult chapter and providing support to our children.”

Of course, some will legitimately question whether the girl really came up with the story on her own, or whether there’s more that took place than is being said.

TDSB & Trudeau made the story go viral – without confirming the details.

Justin Trudeau and the Toronto District School Board both sought to turn this story into an international incident, an incredibly irresponsible move.

The TDSB put an 11-year-old girl in front of a camera – long before any investigation took place. Then, Justin Trudeau shared the story with his large Twitter following and spoke about it publicly, and was then followed by many other politicians speaking about it – again, without any confirmation.

It was used by many to push a narrative slandering millions of Canadians and seeking to silence open discussion through the “Islamophobia” label.

Now, many people will be far more interested in seeing the details before trusting those in power the next time politicians push a particular story.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Kevin F

Where are the apologies from :
1. The Prime Minister
2. The Ontario Premier
3. The Mayor of Toronto
4. The CBC

Patricia Labbe

I have been asking for an apology from all of the above ever since incident declared a fake. Still have heard only crickets. Faux reply from PM was NOT an apology.


Yes we are waiting for their apologies.

Chris vrecko

AND Andrew Scheer!

Ron Walton

Will never happen

Agnes Losonczi

I also miss the real clarification of events and the sincerity from the family’s apology. They say they apologise, but they don’t take any responsibility and claim to be innocent believers of a fake event. Who the hell has created the lie then?! I highly doubt, that a n 11 years old would have had the gall for that! BTW trudeau is doing an EXCELLENT job for 1.: not getting elected next time and 2.: with his permanent dishonest pandering and screaming Islamophobia at the drop of the hat making muslims extremely disliked and most probably chased away after his… Read more »

Patricia Burton

They are entitled and do not have to apologize, after all they would feel like they could be true to the people of Canada why would they do that !!!!! Especially Trudeau he is so dam righteous.

Doreen Thompson

An apology from an unknown face hidden behind a mask means nothing. Where is the credibility?


I believe this is called reverse descrimination…but that is ok because it is just us…regular canadian folks…useless twits all of them.



Jim Zwizda

I have to agree.. Definitely well polished. Sincere, not 100% percent sure, sounds more like damage control.

Brian Dougan

It’s infuriatingly typical–What happens when young European women and children are raped by Muslim men? A predictable reaction from the gutless Left. “Nothing to see here folks! Move on!” It’s a different situation in “Canada;” but the same principle. Muslim crimes? Usually not reported. A (phony) “hate crime” against a Muslim girl? Instant; 24/7 coverage…With the CBC/Liberals leading the charge.

K Garner

That is NO apology whatsoever. That was only a statement of circumstance which we already knew about. There is still no responsibility for the alleged crime and the Canadian public has
been hoodwinked.

The slave garment the woman wears on her face is extremely offensive to me.


Exactly – that is just stating the obious facts – and came across as staged as the incident had…
This ‘alleged’ appology comes across extemely carefully crafted.


Yes offensive and freaky.

Hazel Anderson

Couldn’t have put it better myself. Well said.


The fact that you call it a “slave garment” is extremely offensive to ME, so I guess we’re even.

Bernadette Denommee

I had questioned the non incident right from the beginning and I even said that JT should hold all comments until the facts were in. This being said, I was attacked this afternoon at a soup kitchen/food bank by a woman wearing a hijab. I am a volunteer at this place of distribution when out of nowhere this woman started yelling at me saying “you are the devil, you are the devil”, spewing phrases that didn’t make sense. I am a simple volunteer and this is my treatment. Yes, she was escorted off the premises, but a question remains in… Read more »

Dora Goodfellow

This whole ordeal was orchestrated, in my opinion, by who and why I’m not sure of but it backfired in their faces. Again just to show where JT’s loyalty is. Not with white Christian Canadians for sure.
About the volunteer in the reply’s, you should have reported that incident to the police, probably nothing would be done but at least you would have a record of it!

Jodi R.

Bernadette did you report this to the police as a hate crime? These types of incidents are being recorded and stats published, but only if the police are made aware of them. You can bet that other faith/ethnic/etc. groups are reporting this stuff, that’s how we got M-103, and why we also know in 2016 that Jews are the ones that are most targeted with hate crimes in Canada. If politicians are going to pass motions and make laws, they should have an accurate picture of what’s really happening.


That is what they are taught, and this will continue until we as Canadians expose the truth, but will never make the news, especially from JUSTINE NAJASHI, as they call him, the saviour of the Muslims, google it. My grandson 5 at the time even worse happened to him. Never the news. Never will be, thanks to JUSTINE and the Liberals.

Patricia Burton

Because they are so dam righteous and the laws do not apply to them, we are white and have jobs and that is our problem.

Rob Dwyer

Where was Justin Trudeau to stand up for you ? Where was the CBC ? Nowhere because it dosen’t suit their agenda .. now if you had defended your self , as was your right at one time prior to the Trudeau regime , there would have been plenty of attention .


And where was the CBC, Onterrible Liberals or Justin Bin Trudeau to bring this atrocity to light? Is that not caucasian-o-phobia?


Hey if this little girl did this on her own accord let’s just drop it kids will be kids, no one knows her situation at the time, something may have happened that caused her to tell a fib, a little fib that got completely out of control, so please don’t pursicute her for being an ordinary child, but should there be other sinister actors involved in this then by all means go after them and procicute to the full extent of the law but as for an 11 year old innocent child I say leave her alone she has suffered… Read more »

chris malmstrom

worldwide embarrassment is a pretty harsh punishment, and include the fact the family probably can’t just pick up and move (maybe JT can help with that), so the neighbourhood will be pointing and whispering for decades to come.

Dora Goodfellow

Mike I disagree with you, an 11 yr old knows better!

Brian Hahn

Hey Mike. No one is persecuting an eleven year old. This article is actually pointing away from her and asking some honest questions. Blame Trudeau and a few zealot teachers that wanted to have their SJW moment for the sole purpose of feeding an ego.


Really. Let’s be happy this “innocent” child didn’t accuse you of rape because you’d be known as an international pervert.

Roy guenther

Oh you bleeding heart this girl knew what she was doing and the school,politicians ,Ontario government,federal government,police.they were all trying to get if only the police and rcmp would do they frigging jobs and charge this girl and family with filing a false report along with the politicians.


An eleven year old knows when she is fabricating!! She put herself out there…she wanted the attention. The mother was right there along with her and the younger brother joined in on the fabrication!! No sympathy! It was up to the mother to protect her children from this media circus….she didn’t, she participated, whether she knew it was the truth or not! CFS needs to check things out and see why this kid would go to such damaging extremes to get attention! Something is not right. Someone needs to be charged and at least reimburse the city for all the… Read more »


It is all fine and dandy until an innocent person is arrested and prosecuted because her description the little girl might have given matches you. Look at stats of people wrongfully convicted because of statements like this.


You have to be pretty naive to think that all involved did not make this up & should be charged …….. all police hours etc & we get stuck with bill ……. also pretty fancy winter coats ….. compliments of Trudeau & the wasteful currupy Liberals ??


No I don’t think she should be excused for her actions at 12 years old they should know wright from wrong ,and if she got away with this lie what lie would she say or do next.


There was a PMO (Katy Kommunicator and Gerald the Butthead) coordinated effort to bring their Islamaphobia agenda out in vitually minutes. How did they learn of this very minor incident so quickly? Orchestrated and choreographed maybe? No doubt the muslim voter block in Toronto has instant access to the premier, the mayor and the PMO. These Liberal control centres activated their CBC and Toronto Star in minutes and ‘boom’ Islamaphobia erupts in the collective liberal imagination. This, of course, was designed to misdirect the nation away from the daily corruption and mismanagement by these Liberal governments.


It is called a POLITICAL FALSE FLAG Welcome to the New World Order Canada, either WTFU or learn to accept the great replacement just like what happened in Sweden and Germany and so many other EU countries. For this to work they have to make everybody feel guilty for being Christian or white, all while subverting and indoctrinating your children through a Marxist education system. They will hide Islamic attacks and rapes all while jumping on stories like this to trick us all into the guilt part. The severely bias and fakenews will lie, look how much lies have been… Read more »

Alex Kehoe

I think the hole family was in on it a money grab


You cohers you child to lie, your apology is worthless.
It is Islamic Deception, Lying and Takiyya.


A fib that could have cost some innocent Asian man some serious jail time.


I’m tired of hearing from airheads with the “she is only 11, just doing what an 11 year old will do”. BS. Not one person in our family, Mothers, Fathers, Aunts,Uncle’s and many many children have done anything like this. You can stuff your “only being a kid” where the sun never shines.


Shame on Canadian politician to talk about anything before they have a proof…SHAME

Martin J Hoogerdijk

Unconfirmed incidents should never be held as truth, just as our Canadian constitution states that we are innocent until proven guilty. I agree with a previous statement that the young girl can not be held accountable, as she is after all, just a child that does not understand the consequences of her actions. I feel the parents statements could have been a little more forthright in stating that the child will be admonished and shown that what she did was wrong. In essence, she labeled every possible white male in the area as racist and guilty of islamaphobia. All white… Read more »


It is the same Trudeau who showered 10 million to convicted terrorist so how he can be quiet about this case he had to prove that there is truly Islamophobia exists. Now there is no apology from the family and the clown JT, there should be a punishment to teach the girl that she is guilty of lying and must be suspended for two weeks from the school.

Janine LeClerc

Pawlease! As if this statement has any validity to it. You got caught and now you’re delivering a press release as instructed by the liberal idiot Trudeau and pathetic wynne, they likely instructed you to go public with a statement. How much did your family get paid?


Many people criticized Harper for not making comments immediately. That is what an intelligent PM does……verifies the facts before telling the World a very derogatory story about the country he is supposed to uphold. I just hope the truth spreads as far and wide!!


Sorry, but that child is anything but innocent. She wove a detailed story, and was totally self-possessed while telling it…in front of cameras and a roomful of people. Either she’s extremely precocious…and concocted it on her own…or she was coached and groomed to do so. If on her ‘own’, I higbly doubt she came up with the idea on her own, so she is quite likely parrotting what she hears at home, and/or at the mosque. It would be interesting to know if their mosque is one of the hotbeds of radicalism that exist in Ontario. This is not a… Read more »

Ericka clarke

Both her and her family should be prosecuted for filing a fake report. If there ever was a case for the prosecution, this would be it, considering the national attention. Further, Trudeau should issue a retraction to naming all Canadians as Islamophic, basically, in response to this fake event. Pathetic on all fronts.


So the family now just wants the story to quietly go away, as in ‘move along, nothing to see here’. NO WAY… a crime was in fact committed – a serious hate crime against ALL non-muslims and the girl’s mother and/or father must be investigated/charged. A false report was filed with the police. This is hardly a crime of harmless mischief, for instance like TP’ing someone’s house. This accusation had extremely serious implications for the entire citizenry of Canada, with Trudeau and the Liberal party itching daily to take away our rights and brand us all as “Islamophobes” – Trudeau’s… Read more »

R A Verhoeckx

I believe there is a larger picture here.
There was no real heartfelt apology rather a statement of fact.
A 11 year old generaly wiĺl not be so accurate in developing a serious snd complex scenario. Strongly believe theee were oit side influences for a political agenda.


But why isn’t the police department laying any charges for making false accusations and tying officers up in a lie. These officers could’ve helped other people who really needed help and the only way to prevent this of happening again is by setting an example. Besides all that it’s written in the law that an act like this is punishable. I don’t believe this 11 year old girl came up with this on her own. Let’s find out who did and deal with it in a firm matter.


Her little brother said he witnessed it too. Not just a “fib”.


Thanks to our PM and government for having so little faith in your fellow Canadians that you would immediately believe that someone would do this to a little girl unprovoked. Here you go again, insulting the people who pay your salary! Regardless of whether the parents were involved in the particular incident it seems to me that the little girl must have gained her attitude/perception of Canadians somewhere. I say that the family should should be charged with paying the bill for the essential services they used up during this farce.


My take on this whole affair is somewhat different than most. Being a former 11 year old way back many years ago I can recall my own rebellious nature. I can also relate to what a pre-teenager goes through when faced with her peers and having to dress ‘differently’ than my classmates and friends. Does this not ring a bell to anyone? If you were not one of the odd ones out in your class you would likely not understand. There is a possibility that she wished to conform and her head scarf was the obvious object in the way… Read more »


This family wasn’t horrified, or scared. Neither was that Muslim family that supposedly found anti-Muslim graffiti next to their house. These acts are baby games compared to what mobs of opposing-sect Muslims would do to them if these families were in the minority in a Muslim country.
It really is a shame that the counterattacks by Canadians against the jihadist invaders are no stronger than this. But I suppose people are well aware by now that the Politicians, Press, Police, and Professors are almost universally going to side with Muslim colonists against Canadians in any serious confrontations between the two.


Canadians were slandered with absolutely no proof of the incident ! By our own Prime Minister ! A simple apology will not do ! In an above comment, an innocent woman volunteering in a soup kitchen is attacked and slandered. For what ? Things like this are going to keep happening, if this incident is just let go ! The girl committed a crime under the Canadians criminal code ! She should be charged !

James White

Just another day at the office at The Ministry of Truth.


attention getting stunts like this will make me less tolerant…


I have always had zero sympathy for self-inflicted wounds, and this clearly fits the bill.

Our embarrassing Hollow Suit of a PM should issue an international apology for dragging everyday Canadians thru this ridiculous incident.


I am relieved that the incident did not occur and the child is safe. I am, however, concerned with the double standard used by Mr. Justin Trudeau to handle this matter, as explained below. The child claimed that the assailant is a person with Asian background and such a claim was supported by her parents before it was found as a hoax. It is clear that a member of another minority group (the Asian community) was accused falsely. I understand that the child is still a minor and is unable to comprehend the implications of her false claim. But Mr.… Read more »


they are not the victims it the victims from the family are tall Asian males. Trudeau the politicians and school teachers made Canadian males the victim which placed them in danger around the world. it also shamed the Canadian passport on a global scale. no one should of injected themselves into the accusation. It should of been investigate the girl charged with her parents under the criminal code 140. it would not be discrimination at all to charge them it would of been enforcing the law. this was an out right hate crime against Canadian males lead by Trudeau


say At 11 year old now right form wrong . Way did she To this she needs to answer that questions.


No 11 year old would come up with all this with out there being a background of some sort of hate mongering in her immediate family situation

Reg Parker

Lyar. You went to the media before anything was investigated. You knew it was not true. Where is the news conference with you saying it was not true. Come on, you organized one real fast last Friday.


I wonder if there is a ground to ask Toronto police to investigate if the child has been abused in her home? The action of the child seems to suggest that she is under some stress or under bad influence at home.


I don’t for one minute believe the 11 year old could make up such a lie and carry it on with a straight face. Both her and her younger brother were coached in my humble opinion. This woman should not get one more minute of air time based on a lie. Mom and Activist is completely involved, creating and coaching those kids. TAQIYYA, to become the victim in a made up crime. The only victims are the Canadian people and the Toronto PS, being lied to by the PM and turning this into Canadians are very INTOLERANT. How dare he!!!… Read more »


No politicians were duped….they just wet their pants with excitement because they saw a way to push their political agenda,the truth was irrelevant.Activism for imaginary noble causes provides the perfect cover for failed governments. Obama Trudeau, wynne,Tory,CBC and their ilk know that all too well and use it constantly for their political survival.


They wanted this story to go viral as a ‘poor refugee immigrant’ smear against the Canadian people. Well, around the world it went. The only ones with egg on their faces now are the people everyone was supposed to feel sorry for. And our media and politicians look like a bunch of idiots to the whole world. Can anyone say BACKFIRE?! Good job. Now we know who the real racists are.


NTS not supposed Is it not a crime to make false reports to the police like this? I think someone must be responsible, are parents not supposed to be responsible for their children. Where are the charges that would have been filed if this was any other family.

William Blaney

Their mosque and its Imams need to be under review for Radical believes.