READ: Family Releases Statement After Fake Hijab Attack Report

The family involved in the fake hijab attack report that rapidly spread worldwide has a released a statement.

The full statement – first given to the Toronto Star – is below:

“We are deeply sorry for the pain and anger that our family has caused in the past several days.

When our young daughter told the school that she was attacked by a stranger, the school reacted with compassion and support — as did the police.

When we arrived at the school on Friday, we were informed what happened and assumed it to be true, just like everyone else. We only went public because we were horrified that there was such a perpetrator who may try to harm someone else.

This has been a very painful experience for our family. We want to thank everyone who has shown us support at this difficult time. Again, we are deeply sorry for this and want to express our sincere apologies to every Canadian.

We look forward to closing this difficult chapter and providing support to our children.”

Of course, some will legitimately question whether the girl really came up with the story on her own, or whether there’s more that took place than is being said.

TDSB & Trudeau made the story go viral – without confirming the details.

Justin Trudeau and the Toronto District School Board both sought to turn this story into an international incident, an incredibly irresponsible move.

The TDSB put an 11-year-old girl in front of a camera – long before any investigation took place. Then, Justin Trudeau shared the story with his large Twitter following and spoke about it publicly, and was then followed by many other politicians speaking about it – again, without any confirmation.

It was used by many to push a narrative slandering millions of Canadians and seeking to silence open discussion through the “Islamophobia” label.

Now, many people will be far more interested in seeing the details before trusting those in power the next time politicians push a particular story.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube