REPORT: Foreign Workers Found To Be Sleeping In Basement Of Lethbridge Burger King

Global corporations love foreign worker programs, but those programs often don’t work out well for citizens or the workers brought into the country.

The Alberta Health Services say they have discovered that foreign workers are sleeping in the basement of a Burger King in Lethbridge.

As noted by the CP, “The order, dated Jan. 10, said the inspection found evidence of “sleeping/living accommodations for foreign workers.” It says allowing sleeping or living accommodations in a restaurant is a health code violation. The order says food-handling services must be separated from living quarters and other areas that may be “incompatible with the safe and sanitary handling of food.”

Canada’s temporary foreign worker program is very popular among many global corporations with operations in the country, yet it has a serious negative impact.

The program drives down wages by increasing the supply of labour, and that is made all the worse by the fact that many foreign workers end up receiving terrible compensation, which worsens the leverage of workers throughout the economy.

Additionally, those temporary workers are often treated horribly, and brought to Canada under false pretenses.

That’s why – as I’ve said before – the temporary foreign worker program needs to end.

Governments across the country need to stop doing the bidding of global companies and start standing up for working class Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Illegal Somali’s, Mexicans or Philipino’s?

Close down the business and lay charges.

Mary Babey

At least they are “workers”. There are thousands of Non-temporary, non-Workers hanging out in taxpayer housing all over this country.


If it’s happening in Lethbridge, guaranteed it’s happening in bigger cities. All of these fast food joints need to be investigated for possible hiring of illegals.


When we lived on the farm a close by farmer friend had Chinese people move in next door, but no one seemed to live in the house. but when spring came shipping containers arrived then bus loads of people arrived they had all their own equipment and seed etc in the big shipping containers and planted and fertilized the whole farm got back on the buses and were taken away the six bosses it seemed then stayed at the house to keep things watered and watch over things they pumped water from the creek on my friend property till it… Read more »