REVEALED: Trudeau Spoke To John Kerry About Trump Administration During His “Family Vacation” On The Aga Khan’s Island

Why weren’t the Canadian people told this from the very beginning?

Justin Trudeau is now revealing that he spoke to former US Secretary of State John Kerry about the incoming Trump administration while he was on his so-called “family vacation” on the private island belonging to the Aga Khan.

As reported by the CP, “It was an opportunity to engage with a sitting secretary of state … but the conversations were very general about the state of the world … expectations around the incoming administration on foreign policy issues,” Trudeau said. “There was nothing decided or of significant, direct impact on Canadian policy in any way.”

Of note, this information is only now being revealed by the PM, and is something he apparently deemed fit to hide from Canadians for over a year.

This has been how Trudeau handled the “vacation” the entire time, constantly downplaying it, releasing as little detail as possible, and attempting to mislead Canadians about what really happened through ambiguity.

After all, the fact that he met with the-then Secretary of State of the US and discussed government matters is something Canadians deserved to know, and it certainly doesn’t seem like it was just a usual “family vacation.”

Remember, Canadians didn’t even know that he met John Kerry in the first place until just a short while ago – another detail he didn’t feel needed to be shared with us.

As I and many others have pointed out, Trudeau has the attitude of a an entitled ruler, not a servant leader, and shows contempt for Canadians with his repeated attempts to mislead and hold back details.

The fact that he is only now deigning to tell us what he spoke to Kerry about is just the latest in a long-line of arrogant behavior from someone who once pledged a totally different style of “leadership.”

Spencer Fernando

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