Scheer Shows Patriotism With United Front On NAFTA

It’s rare to see a political leader set aside partisanship, but Scheer is providing a good example of Patriotic leadership by promoting Canadian unity during NAFTA negotiations.

As Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is in Washington discussing the ongoing NAFTA negotiations, he has been repeatedly pointing out that Canada has a united front when it comes to our message in the US.

This is an important, and patriotic move by Scheer.

Considering how the Trudeau government is struggling with NAFTA – in part due to their naive virtue-signalling approach that deserves criticism – it would be easy for Scheer to gain political mileage by constantly critiquing the government on the NAFTA file.

However, rather than score political points by attacking the government in the U.S., Scheer is showing a level of patriotism and leadership that is a stark contrast from what Trudeau has done.

After all, Trudeau has criticized the opposition parties to American audiences, showing that he’s more interested in appeasing elites in other countries than keep our country unified. It’s made all the worse by the fact that Trudeau isn’t just an MP, he’s someone who has a position that makes others see him as speaking on behalf of Canada (even though we know he doesn’t speak for most Canadians), which magnifies the impact of his divisive games.

By contrast, Scheer is treating Canada like a solid family by keeping disagreements within the home (country), and supporting the good of our nation when confronting a serious trade challenge outside the country.

Of course, there are some deeper issues with NAFTA that aren’t being addressed enough by any party – particularly the ability of Mexico to undercut our manufacturers with cheap labour and dispute resolution mechanisms that infringe on national sovereignty.

But overall, Scheer is putting his country above his party, and he deserves credit for that display of Canadian Patriotism.

Spencer Fernando

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