ENDLESS TAX HIKES: Trudeau Government Plans To Keep Raising Carbon Tax After 2022

Continuous tax increases and an endlessly rising cost-of-living is inevitable unless the Trudeau Liberals are defeated in 2019.

The Trudeau government plans to keep increasing the carbon tax beyond 2022 if they remain in power.

That’s according to federal government documents, first shared by the United Conservative Party of Alberta.

As noted by the UPC, “A recently revealed federal Department of Finance memo regarding the the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate states that “the overall approach is to be reviewed by 2022 (referred to as the ‘five-year review’) to confirm the path forward, including continued increases in stringency in future years…” (pg 3). ‘Stringency’ is clearly tied to price, and suggests further carbon tax increases are on the horizon for Albertans.”

Those tax increases will hit all Canadians, showing that the Trudeau government has an insatiable appetite for taking money out of our pockets.

This comes at a time when household debt has hit record levels, and a majority of Canadians are either falling behind monthly on debts and bills, or are just barely keeping their heads above water.

Clearly, the Trudeau government doesn’t care about the struggles facing Canadians. They just want to take the money.

It also makes the choice in the next election very clear.

Scheer and the Conservatives may not be perfect – no leader or party is – but at least they won’t be hitting Canadians with endless tax increases every single year for as far as the eye can see.

It’s a big contrast, and it will impact our own financial futures and the future of the country.

If Trudeau is re-elected, the government will get bigger and bigger, while more money is taken from us, making Canadians poorer and poorer.

The Canadian people deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

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Spencer – it can’t go back to the Conservatives either! How are we to mitigate our situation in the face of these two parties?

Elizabeth Thorne

They will not be re-elected in 2019, we the people will CLEAN house.


Ah Ha, remember when the Liberals brought in the GST and the reason was they did not want any hidden taxes (they needed a bigger tax grab as it was on everything) This carbon tax is a hidden tax, probably compounded as they said the GST was not but it was, I was a business owner at that time and we had to raise prices to cover the cost of processing that tax etc. Our gas to heat our home has literally tripled in price. I am on a fixed income CPP now I bet CPP will not go up… Read more »


I wonder when Trudeau jacks up the GST? Considering that the Liberals bitched about the GST being cut.


If that lying, arrogant twat is re-elected, Canada can kiss its ass goodbye.


That’s the whole idea Spencer, ‘ kill Canadians of their financial stability bringing them to the brink of poverty watch them beg then decide whether or not they deserve a dollar provided of course that they vote for the madman, if not, they don’t see a dime. So far, jihadi Justin has managed to walk away since most Canadians are unaware of his violation making it possible for him to do as he pleases. The people need to wake up if not, then, they deserve what they wished for. Unfortunately for many of us who are above water and have… Read more »

Miles Lunn

I would be fine with big carbon tax increases provided taxes elsewhere were cut, but off course zero chance Trudeau will do this. For working and middle class Canadians, a tax cut will do far more to boost growth than more spending as every extra dollar they receive will get spent in the economy rather than directed to some pet project. For the rich and big corporations, US tax cuts could make us uncompetitive so a higher carbon tax while hurting us too, at least provides the revenue to cut those two taxes which are even more damaging. The real… Read more »




Keeping average Canadians under a tight budget prevents them from being able to fund political alternatives that might try to break the establishment’s grip.