ASSAULT ON IDEOLOGICAL DIVERSITY: Far-Left Trudeau Imposing His Views Through Summer Jobs Program Restrictions

Justin Trudeau loves to talk about diversity, but he is using the power of government to make sure groups with viewpoints different than his have to make attestations against that go against their own closely-held beliefs.

Justin Trudeau’s Canada Summer Jobs restrictions – which force faith organizations to officially attest to his own imposed viewpoints – is another sign that his “diversity is strength” rhetoric doesn’t apply to different ways of thinking.

The Canada Summer Jobs program has been working just fine, and nobody was complaining about the diverse ideologies and beliefs of the groups receiving funding.

Now, Trudeau has decided to use the power of government to impose his own views on faith organizations, or deny them funding.

Taking power away from MPs

The Canada Summer Jobs program funding is generally distributed by MPs, who know their communities and have contacts with organizations in their constituencies that are helping create opportunities.

Many of those MPs are pro-choice, and many of those MPs are pro-life. Canada’s Parliament has a large amount of ideological diversity, as you would expect in a free society.

Additionally, many ridings have constituents who voted for MPs with pro-life viewpoints, because they wanted those views expressed through their elected representatives.

That is also part of living in an ideologically diverse and free society.

So, those same MPs should be able to distribute money to organizations that are doing good things and that represent the views and values of their constituents – regardless of whether Justin Trudeau agrees or disagrees with their stated beliefs.

For Trudeau to take a non-partisan program that was working just fine and use it try and divide Canadians for his political gain is a disgrace, and it is an assault on Canada’s ideological diversity.

It’s also a further centralization of power, since Trudeau is restricting the freedom and independence MPs had to make those decisions.

All Canadians – of all viewpoints – should speak out against Trudeau’s actions, because he’s setting a precedent that could one day be used against the very groups Trudeau seems to favour.

Spencer Fernando

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Alci B

JT will be known for being the worst PM in Canadian History .

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau is emulating his idols, the Communist Chinese more and more!!! He has openly professed his admiration for the totalitarian dictatorship and now it seems he is attempting to copy them! He and his administration are reprehensible traitors! He has stated that we will not recognize Canada and he is working hard to do just that! He must be stopped by ALL rational Canadians!

Major Tom

Justin Trudeau………..Canada’s anti-Christ!

chris malmstrom

said it before, I’ll say it again…Trudick wants to make Canada a socialist state. He’s a lover of communism, dictatorship and of terrorists. the worst enemy Canada has ever known, is attacking the country from the inside!


Trudeau’s conditions for qualifying for Federal Government programs is blackmail. Just another broken law in a list that is getting longer. Since it is relates to both Christian and Islamic beliefs and doctrine he is in clear violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I would expect Trudeau will be getting a lot of response from Muslims as Islam forbids abortion. Will he be removing the Muslim MP’s? When will the RCMP start enforcing Canadian Laws and arrest and lay charges against Trudeau? He and Wilson-Raybould already deliberately ignore Sections 318 and 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada… Read more »

James White

This may seem to be a separate subject, but it is relevant if we want to understand JT better it’s important. I have been looking at the CRTC’s spectrum bandwidth auctions. To become a “qualified bidder” is practically impossible to those who “aren’t in the club”. Interesting enough, a major qualified bidder began to buy huge swaths of spectra. The name of this bidder is CGI. CGI is the acronym for Clinton Global Initiative operatd by guess who, the Clinton Foundation to whom Justine made a tidy donation using my money and yours. There is obviously a quid pro quo,… Read more »


I seriously look forward to his tears when he resigns. Nothing less is acceptable from someone who has such contempt for Canada and Canadians.

Trudeau is dangerous and offensive. His Caucus members are wearing the same cloth.