FAIL: “Two Year” Federal Infrastructure Program Will Take Three Extra Years

Total incompetence.

The Trudeau government’s supposed “two year” infrastructure program will take more than twice as long to complete as originally thought.

As noted by the CP, “The Liberals had originally hoped to have cities and provinces complete $5.4 billion in transit and water system work by this March, but quickly realized that more time was needed. A “secret” fall briefing note to Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi, obtained by The Canadian Press through the Access to Information Act, says delays hampered a large number of construction projects, requiring the deadline to be extended to March 2021.”

While it’s easy for the government to try and blame lower levels of government, they are the ones who created the plan in the first place, and they bear significant responsibility.

The Trudeau government had hyped their infrastructure program as an economic stimulus program, but notably also focused on the so-called Canada Infrastructure Fund, which will put billions of taxpayer dollars at risk while letting international banks profit.

Now, with the incompetence of the government being revealed even further, it’s obvious they can’t even manage the infrastructure money they already have.

It’s similar to their deficit promise, where it was supposed to be three years of small deficits before a return to balanced budgets, which has now become deficits as far as the eye can see.

This government made a lot of big promises to gain power, which they have totally failed to keep. This is something we need to keep in mind as we approach another election where Trudeau will say whatever he thinks is necessary to stay in office.

His word – and the word of his ministers – cannot be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

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Timothy Hickey

We have heard political parties PROMISE the MOON to Canadians to win elections for the past 50 years! And none have ever delivered! Anyone remember the GST debate which was implemented to reduce our National Debt? Chretien promised to axe the tax! There is only one way for Canadians to get a hold of government and the decision-making powers, and that is to elect a a Non-Partisan Majority of the House of Commons in 2019, all who will commit in writing to SERVING the Leadership and the Will of a Real Majority of Canadians! Promises will be kept if the… Read more »


He can ask Trump to help fix it.


Just like his “refugee” bullsht, Trudeau simply pulls a number out of his rectum and his fawning sycophant grovelling Cabinet try to keep him smiling. He lives in a fairyland dreamworld, disconnected from reality, imagining that he runs around taking selfies of himself. Unfortunately we don’t have a credible Opposition leader. Mr. Dimples is a decent guy but not the aggressive type we need to push Trudeau over the edge. We need someone who can drive Trudeau into an uncontrollable rage where he just loses his sanity. Bernier or Leitch or a number of other Conservatives would do better and… Read more »


Do not forget about Jihadi Justin ‘s ‘ 2015 election promise to lowering small business tax rate to 9% which he has yet to do.
If this piece of work Justin has no use for small businesses far less lower taxes for them, I would pack my business out of Canada in a heartbeat.