Trudeau Government To Give $12 Million In Taxpayer Dollars To Aid Groups In Yemen

The same government approved the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia that were likely used in the war that caused such a crisis in Yemen in the first place.

The Trudeau government is planning to give $12 million in Canadian taxpayer dollars to Yemen.

It reveals how messed up our foreign policy is.

Both the Trudeau and Harper governments approved the sale of Canadian-made weapons to Saudi Arabia, because they foolishly fell for Saudi Arabia’s assurance that they would only be used “defensively.”

Of course, Saudi Arabia then launched a war against Yemen, almost certainly using those same Canadian-made weapons, a point noted in a recent Globe & Mail article about the planned funding:

“The announcement, to be made by International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau on Friday, comes even as Canada continues to benefit from the sale of light-armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have been widely accused of using famine as a weapon in neighbouring Yemen as they blockade shipments in service of the war they’re waging against Iran-backed Houthi rebels.”

So, the Trudeau government is glad to continue selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, and then just turn around and spend our taxpayer dollars trying to fix the mess caused by Saudi Arabia using those weapons.


Canada should ban all weapon sales to undemocratic regimes that oppose Canadian values, and we should be spending our taxpayer dollars within our own country to help our own people.

It’s long past time for the government to stop focusing on trying to solve all the world’s problems, and take care of our home first and foremost.

Spencer Fernando

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