Trudeau Government To Give $12 Million In Taxpayer Dollars To Aid Groups In Yemen

The same government approved the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia that were likely used in the war that caused such a crisis in Yemen in the first place.

The Trudeau government is planning to give $12 million in Canadian taxpayer dollars to Yemen.

It reveals how messed up our foreign policy is.

Both the Trudeau and Harper governments approved the sale of Canadian-made weapons to Saudi Arabia, because they foolishly fell for Saudi Arabia’s assurance that they would only be used “defensively.”

Of course, Saudi Arabia then launched a war against Yemen, almost certainly using those same Canadian-made weapons, a point noted in a recent Globe & Mail article about the planned funding:

“The announcement, to be made by International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau on Friday, comes even as Canada continues to benefit from the sale of light-armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have been widely accused of using famine as a weapon in neighbouring Yemen as they blockade shipments in service of the war they’re waging against Iran-backed Houthi rebels.”

So, the Trudeau government is glad to continue selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, and then just turn around and spend our taxpayer dollars trying to fix the mess caused by Saudi Arabia using those weapons.


Canada should ban all weapon sales to undemocratic regimes that oppose Canadian values, and we should be spending our taxpayer dollars within our own country to help our own people.

It’s long past time for the government to stop focusing on trying to solve all the world’s problems, and take care of our home first and foremost.

Spencer Fernando

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This is just another example of Justin Trudeau and his liberal cronies trying to fix the world problems with Canadian tax payer money’s. This madness has to stop and stop immediately. Canadians cannot afford to fund JT‘s NEED to be recognized on the world stage as some sort of hero. He is not a hero he is a fraud, by not taking care of the Canadian people who pay hard taxpayer dollars for needs within our own country. Justin Trudeau, RESIGN NOW.

Norbert Kausen

I am in total agreement with you, Sandi!!! However, he is even more dangerous than just that! He is selling Canada to the Chinese and they are slowly attempting to insinuate themselves into Canadian politics, to eventually influence Canada to becoming a subservient territory to the People’s Republic of China! The Chinese are pressuring Trudeau to greenlight the sale of Aecon to CCCCI, a chinese company with significant ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese will install a Chinese Communist Party unit into Aecon. This was stated in a Globae and Mail article posted yesterday;


He is so dumb that he would not know how to resign

Dave Bainard

I’m sure that the Indian Chief who was begging to Jr for money to help with housing, water and electrical issue will be happy to see ‘spare’ money going to Yemen.

Wanda Wilson

He is insane and has to stop spending our hard earned money.


This one trick pony won’t even give our native people clean drinking water and can’t fix the problem for 5 years but can spend $12 million in aid to Yemen??? What the frig is wrong with this man’s head….


You mean head with no brains.

Sandra Clark

Canada first…Canadians first. End of story. Trudeau thinks that Canadians should work their keesters off, fork over the cash and every Country but Canada should benefit. I was under the impression we voted for the Prime Minister of “CANADA”….not the Prime Minister of the Globe. I sure hope people don’t vote for Trudeau in the next election. Canada won’t survive another 4 year term with him.


if the liberals have all this money to give to other countries (and they should by the way our taxes keep going up) then why are canadians suffering paying their energy bills? gasoline has gone up 25% in one year. why the carbon tax? look after canadians first instead of george soros’ interests…


Yemen ??? The failed state of Yemen? Home of Al Qaida and every other terrorist militia? The failed state being bombed by our ‘friends’ from Saudi Arabia ? Even the Saudis don’t recognize Yemen as legitimate. This is a $12 million embezzlement by Trudeau. The money will be redirected to some other globalist fund. We must demand names and account numbers. This missappropriation of Canadian taxes must be tracked and reported.