WASTE: Trudeau Government Spending Over $100K Per Year Running Health Minister’s Twitter Account

The account has tweeted 250 times. This means taxpayers are paying at least $400 per tweet.

A new report shows the Trudeau government is spending a whopping $100,000 a year or more on salaries/overtime for those running the Twitter account of health minister Ginette Petitpas.

Says the report, “The account was launched Aug. 18 and so far has issued about 250 tweets, or about 50 a month in English on @CDNMinHealth and in French on @MinSanteCAN. Those tweets require the equivalent of 1.5 employees dedicated to the task, with after-hours and weekend work costing about $6,500 in overtime so far.”

The average bureaucrat makes over $100,000 per year, and since 1.5 employees are assigned to the account, it’s costing taxpayers over $100K at the very minimum, and likely much more.

That means taxpayers are paying $400 per tweet, which is an absurd amount.

The account currently has under 3,000 followers, and does not receive the amount of retweets you would expect from such an expensive operation.

Pathetically, the government tried saying this was a “low-cost” option:

‘”In the end, the department chose a low-cost option where the account is managed within existing resources,” spokesperson Sindy Souffront said in an email.”‘

Of course, outside the Ottawa bubble we know that $100,000 per year is not a “low-cost” option. Instead, it’s another example of the government spending our hard-earned money with no sense of respect for taxpayers.

The absurdity gets even worse, since the report says they spend two weeks planning tweets. What makes this so dumb is that all they need to do is schedule tweets that link to already-created info on the Health Canada website. Scheduling tweets is free and takes just minutes, so the idea that people need to plan for weeks is a total joke.

If the government had any common sense, running that Twitter account wouldn’t cost anything.

This is what happens when the government has become far too bloated and unaccountable. It throws our money around in a careless and arrogant manner, while Canadians pay the price for inefficiency and incompetence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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