China Plans To Put Communist Party In Control Of Aecon After Taking Historic Canadian Company

As many have warned, state-owned companies exist to serve the interests of China’s Communist Party, and those interests don’t line up with Canada.

There are more warnings about China’s takeover of Aecon – a historic Canadian construction company.

Aecon’s competitors are warning against the move, because the company will be controlled by the Communist Party of China.

The company officially buying Aecon is called China Communications Construction Co (CCCC).

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “The Chinese government has a 63-per-cent stake in CCCC. In recent years, the company has helped Beijing assert sovereignty over the disputed South China Sea. National security agencies in Canada and the U.S. have warned that companies under Beijing’s control aren’t just commercial operations and could potentially pass along information that would hurt Canadian interests.”

Now, it is being confirmed that China will be installing a “unit” of the Chinese Communist Party within Aecon. This means the Communist Party will clearly be dominating the decisions made by the company, which is not good for Canadians or our allies.

It’s a huge loss of Canadian sovereignty, and it obviously needs to be stopped. Canada must retain control of our large and historic companies, because if we keep losing them we become weaker and weaker.

Of course, the Trudeau government has pathetically bowed down to China over and over again, and the government seems to have no desire to block the deal.

Once again our nation is being sold off to China, and our so-called “leaders” are doing nothing to stop it.

Spencer Fernando

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