PHOTOS: Canadians Protest Against Trudeau For Spreading Hijab Hoax Story

Outrage grows as Trudeau and the elites refuse to apologize for their role in spreading the Hijab Hoax.

Canadians have taken to the streets to protest Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, and the elitist establishment media who spread the Hijab attack hoax.

Tweets and photos can be seen below:

Trudeau hypocrisy

For all his talk of “inclusivity” and “diversity,” Trudeau acted very disrespectfully in spreading a story that falsely cast blame on an ‘Asian male,’ and has refused to apologize for his role in spreading that fake story.

It’s insulting to countless Canadians, and it goes against what a Prime Minister is supposed to do.

Trudeau should be bringing Canadians together, instead he spread a false story for his own political gain, seeking to divide Canadians in order to increase his chance of holding onto power and imposing his extreme agenda on Canadians – as did Kathleen Wynne.

Trudeau seems willing to tear Canada apart if he thinks it will benefit him.

That’s why it’s great to see Canadian citizens taking to the streets to stand against Trudeau and his compliant elitist media and send a message that Canadians deserve far better.

Every single day, we are seeing that Trudeau has totally lost the moral authority to govern our great country.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Menno Zacharias

It’s one thing to go public in support of an issue that turns out to be false (jumping on the band wagon without checking the facts). It’s another thing to not acknowledge you made an error and jumped the gun especially when the issue is as sensitive as this one is. We just cannot count on our Prime Minister to do the right thing. He may not know what the right thing is.

Paul Fekk

The media, in particular the CBC, was very complicit in spreading a false news story!

Ana gomes

Canadians should expect cover up and treason from CBC. They have done an effective and malevolent job on Harper. Then, they turn around and elect Trudeau and the so called liberals, accepting and hiding an incredible level of corruption in the gov. they helped elect ,with their hipe for anything called Trudeau . CBC has no good reason to exist. Close it down before Trudeau brings in a new law to protect corrupt national News. Do not forget M-103. That is what is coming to the ones that are proud of being Trudeauphobes. You fear Trudeau? well: why not the… Read more »


Trudeau is simply copying what Obama did in the US and what Wynne is doing in Ontario. He doesn’t have an original thought. Other people write his talking points. When they are not memorized, he has to “reorder his thoughts”. … Notice? He avoids Parliament because he can’t answer questions.

Chris vrecko

You hit the nail on the head.


He has not answered a question with a proper answer since he got into power, that is why he stays away from the parliament as much as possible, you have to have brains which his are fried to a crisp from all the drugs. Conclusion people with fried brains elected a PM with fried brains, simple as that.

Brian Dougan

Miroslav: Excellent; pithy conclusion. Let’s hear it for weed! “Another (cough!) toke for the ‘New’ Canada.”


Is Trudeau a traitor? Will he be exposed for crimes against humanity? Racketeering? Connection to terorists? Fraud? Is Trudeau a double agent? Hmmmmm… who is watching Trudeau? Nothing is ever erased in a digital world!


Wish that were true, check out five months of lost text messages with the FBI and how about McGuinty’s gov’t cleaned E-mails? The thieving gov’ts will slowly learn to cover their tracks.

Esther Backler

I have the same questions. Thanks for asking them and for being of sharp mind, unlike too many Canadians. Keep commenting.


There point is this: it is the Asian Canadian who were victims of the hoax story, as the made up story targeted directly at this group of people! The hoax family owes an apology to all Canadians in particular Asian Canadians! They should be held accountable table for the waste of public resources as a result of the p9lice investigation as well!


PM choose to ignore the negative impact that could result to other people group! As a PM, he has the responsibility to ensure all people of group are protected EQUALLY in Canada!

He is probably intentionally creating conflicts between people of group expecting to help him to win next election!


Trudeau has lost all social licence to be in politics. He has made Canada a pathetic joke amongst most Nations and National leaders. He is an embarrassment and no other Leaders take him seriously, they simply tolerate his narcissistic immature childishness.

We don’t exist for his pleasure.

Esther Backler

great comments! People like you who are aware may save our country.

Tanya Gaw

this is AWESOME…well done!

Mee Chan

Canadians are usually very tolerant. However there is always a limit. We have reached that limit now!


As I said before, he is a putz like his so called dad was. Most of the east who fell for the abc/abh propaganda by the marxist loving media also fall into this group.

Mee Chan

This is it. We are seeing that Trudeau has totally lost the moral authority to govern our great country. Canadians do not want a prime minister who has been found guilty of four counts of conflict of interest law, violates the Charter of Rights and Freedom by forcing his view on people or their rights will be taken away from applying for the Summer Job funding, and now spread fake news to divide our nation. He should gracefully resign before more damage is done.


Hats off to the protesters. Thanks Spencer for keeping us updated. Sure didn’t hear about this protest from the “media”,,,


The only ones he stands up for are muslims, anyone else we are bottom of the barrel in our own country! So sad!
Its the government who creates racism and hate 100%!

Chris vrecko

Del, you said it so well. He disgusts me, I can’tell stand to even hear his voice, I turn him off. He is so disgusting and condescending. I am ashamed everytime he steps on a plane. If he gets in again Canada is finished we have to have him removed. His muslim buddies are all he cares about but he is there to represent Canadians, the money he has distributed ton people outside of Canada is shameful. REMOVE HIM NOW!


Good for them! I’m very proud that they had the backbone to stand up and be counted condemning these spineless disgusting politicians. All of them lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut!

Congratulations to our patriotic Canadians


Just imagine a lie perpetrated by Justin Trudeau ,Liberals and the CBC tainting the citizens of Canada. These losers have the nerve to ask for an apology for what they pulled on Canada. Seriously are they delusional ? I’m personally getting sick of our political leaders calling everyone a racist in Canada. I’ve seen the game they play and it’s about time to end this. Could you imagine if the accuser in this hoax was different. Do you think the Muslim community would let this go away. I’m sure they’d be wanting a cheque from Trudeau and an apology from… Read more »


I would say some group of people understand Canadian law very well, but play with the law. Use 11 year old girl to claim the incident, use a yanger boy to be the witness, use hijab as a religions logo, play innocent with tears in front of cameras. School, premier, prime minister, medias all jump in within hours. If police didn’t find out this was a hoax, could you imagin what would happen then after? This case would help them to pass the Bill M103-islamophobia- to be the law. This time we are lucky. But will we still be lucky… Read more »


I don’t know how he can be our prime minister, doesn’t seem that he can even think, no brain at all. Even a 11 year old can perform a lot better than him. As a prime minister for all Canadians, you should know what to say, how to say, when to say, not jump out like a clown, you really dissapoint is, you are either mentally disordered, or not capable of doing what you suppose to do. For god’s sake, for all Canadians , please RESIGN. Before you ruin the whole country.


GOOD!!! HE HAS ALREADY spread his hate for white people, and Christians and now Asians! JOIN THE CLUB AND OUST DICTATOR TURDEAU.


truduh!’s ol’ man is rolling over in his grave right now… i did not always agree with his policies but i knew he loved canada. justin is in it for the money. why else would you set up a foundation “a la clinton” and have donors from countries donate over 535 million dollars to it i 2016? what do these other donors from countries want in return? how many are associated with george soros? did hillary clinton’s political machine come up and help trudeau win the election? in return did trudeau donate millions of taxpayers dollars to the clinton foundation… Read more »


I agree whole heartedly to all your points!!!!



racheal dubois

Well number one the child should be in the care of CFS. now , as she is only 11 years old raised in hate . this is all the child hears day in and day out . both at home and out in the public . by all she meets up with. her parents will likely punish her because she bought shame to them . I would imagine the object of the game was to recieve money from the canadian goveronment , to which our weak kneed PM would have done but they got caught . the parents should be… Read more »


Actually, King Turdeau is acting exactly the way he has all along. No surprise. Remember, he never had a lasting real job or a career before becoming prime minister so he has no clue how business or the economy work or how to handle major geo-political situations. No doubt his handlers prefer that he stick to kissing babies and doing selfies and keep his mouth shut on serious matters. Problem is he too often shoots his mouth off before staff can muzzle him.

William Roberts

Oh so Muslims hate Asian too.That pretty much covers the planet.They are so inclusive arn,t they.They hate everyone equally.


TRUDEAU is a hypocritical, lying, ignorant BS Liberal.
In 2019 federal election, TRUDEAU MUST BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.!!!

Moe Somers

It has always been said, “great leaders lead by example.” According to journalist Lorne Gunter,
“Trudeau sees his role as a sort of morale officer on the HMCS Sunny Ways ship.” I would add, that entitled trust fund babies never apologize. Only great leaders of integrity apologize.


Is Trudeau a traitor? Will he be exposed for crimes against humanity? Racketeering? Connection to terorists? Fraud? Is Trudeau a double agent? Hmmmmm… who is watching Trudeau? Nothing is ever erased in a digital world!

neil coons

PEOPLE NEED TO READ THIS ; Muslim leader calls for migrant sexual assults to be covered up
Writing by the JIHAD WATCH
no wonder girls in mississagua high school are being molested and nothing is being done about it by our goverment


What does “Asian community” mean? Chinese? Vietnamese? Thai? Japanese? Not sure what the term actually means? Who is included? What is an Asian?


Proud of you stand up Asian communities. Trudeau should resign, remember, you are not prime minister only of Muslims, but a prime minister of all Canadians.


Hopefully this is another nail in his coffin.


Let’s protest: 1:00-2:30pm, 27 Jan 2018
Place Des Art, Montréal

We love Canada!

Eva Zob.

It is surprised that Muslims hate Asian!! Ain’t they also Asian? Assume this incident really happened and if it was me I must have sincerity for protecting my community at the first place: 1. tell school and find help from the school board. 2. report to police officers and believe they can help me and protect me. 3. when someone informed me that the media is going to interview me, and this is CBC news! which is like the national radio / symbol of Canada. Maybe people in this area can protect me more!! especially it is the first time… Read more »

Ron Voss

Good to see the Asian community rise up in protest. However, as Ezra Levant has speculated the young girl may have muffed her line, saying an “Asian man” when she was supposed to say a “Caucasian man”, hardly a common word in a young girl’s vocabulary.


Nah, if she was supposed to blame a “Caucasian man,” she could have easily just said a “white guy”!

Centered and calm.

It’s useless to protest. The Liberals will always back the demographics which help finance their campaigns, and reward them well with lofty positions and public support. Jihadi Justin would be an utter fool to comment on this issue further. On the flip side, I see lots of discrimination against chinese by muslims and indians (well, Pakistan was carved out of India after Ghandi won independence so that the indians practicing islam could rule themselves, so many indians practice islam), and noticed that a lot of times at Metrolinx I&IT (Indian and Islamic Technology) they would gang up and blame chinese… Read more »

Alex Paylor

I see no mention of Conservative politicians who also denounced the alleged incident when it was first reported and believed to be factual. Andrew Scheer and Toronto Mayor and former Ontario PC leader John Tory also spoke out. Of course, presenting both sides doesn’t fit with your agenda so God forbid you actually look for some balance.