PHOTOS: Canadians Protest Against Trudeau For Spreading Hijab Hoax Story

Outrage grows as Trudeau and the elites refuse to apologize for their role in spreading the Hijab Hoax.

Canadians have taken to the streets to protest Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, and the elitist establishment media who spread the Hijab attack hoax.

Tweets and photos can be seen below:

Trudeau hypocrisy

For all his talk of “inclusivity” and “diversity,” Trudeau acted very disrespectfully in spreading a story that falsely cast blame on an ‘Asian male,’ and has refused to apologize for his role in spreading that fake story.

It’s insulting to countless Canadians, and it goes against what a Prime Minister is supposed to do.

Trudeau should be bringing Canadians together, instead he spread a false story for his own political gain, seeking to divide Canadians in order to increase his chance of holding onto power and imposing his extreme agenda on Canadians – as did Kathleen Wynne.

Trudeau seems willing to tear Canada apart if he thinks it will benefit him.

That’s why it’s great to see Canadian citizens taking to the streets to stand against Trudeau and his compliant elitist media and send a message that Canadians deserve far better.

Every single day, we are seeing that Trudeau has totally lost the moral authority to govern our great country.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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