Trudeau’s Refusal To Apologize For Spreading False Hijab Attack Story Shows He Assumes The Worst About Canadians

Justin Trudeau immediately assumed that the incident was true – even without confirmation – and spread a false story worldwide.

Justin Trudeau loves giving apologies.

So why hasn’t he apologized for spreading the false Hijab attack story?

What would have likely remained a local or national story, instead became an international story, as the PM weighed in both on Twitter to his millions of followers, and in a press conference.

This gave the story a massive amount of attention, and spread it around the world.

Notably, the story falsely and unfairly implicated an ‘Asian male’ even though no crime occurred. Trudeau has yet to apologize for spreading a story that falsely cast a large number of people under suspicion.

Additionally, while others who spread the story did so in an understated manner (Scheer calling on people to help the police), and others who made a big deal of it apologized afterwards, Trudeau did neither.

He – and his MPs – used it to continue their agenda of attacking Canadians as “Islamophobic” and lecturing us once again as if he has some sort of moral authority.

There is also the immense hypocrisy of Trudeau spreading this story so quickly, yet having nothing to say about a Syrian refugee who allegedly assaulted six girls at the West Edmonton Mall.

Trudeau – and other politicians – were silent about that incident, despite the fact that it’s going to trial and thus has much more confirmation than the ‘Hijab attack’ ever did.

There were no lectures after the West Edmonton Mall incident, nothing about how Canada has to be careful about who we let into the country.


Yet, when an incident apparently happens that can be used to push the narrative that Canadians are “Islamophobic,” Trudeau does everything to spread it, while automatically assuming the worst about the Canadian people.

It shows that at a very fundamental level Justin Trudeau views himself as superior to our country and the Canadian people, and that horrendous level of arrogance and entitlement must be severely punished at the polls in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This guy is mentally unstable and a dictator!!

A.A. Burley

That’s Okay Spencer, Canadians Assume The Worst Of trudeau


He’s a putz, he proves it daily as his so called dad did.


The Muslim attack in West Ed, the Muslim migrant attack in the Lethbridge pool, numerous repeated calls for “death to infidels” and to “Kill all Jews” and on and on and on. Not a damn thing in the Liberal controlled media about any of this. How many Canadians realize that Edmonton is a jihadist terrorist hellhole, on par with Calgary and Edmonton. Trudeau has collapsed mentally and thinks he relevant. Trudeau is dangerous and should face charges of blackmail and violation of the Charter. Nowhere does the Charter mention abortion. Every Canadian city has Muslim Brotherhood organizations who manipulate Pride… Read more »


my full letter to Trudeau and ALL MPs: Dear Liberal leader (Prime Minister is not a befitting title for this subject), and ALL Members of Parliament, Great attention has been brought upon the government due to a policy that is being forced upon companies and organizations regarding Summer Employment funding. It appears that the discrimination foisted upon some Canadians violates many things Canada has always stood for. First let me mention Mr. Trudea , how often you have bragged about being “inclusive”. This would indicate that only those who agree with your views and beliefs will be included. All others… Read more »

Alci B

Trudeau is unstable. He may not have dealt well with the loss of his younger brother . Then we need to consider that his older brother is known for making propaganda films for Iran . This brother is also his advisor. This should not be allowed .
There is something very wrong with this picture.

Why was this guy even allowed to run for PM

Willem Stolk

Also not a word about the 75 year old woman who was brutally attacked by Habibullah Ahmad. I can find nothing about his background but I don’t think he is old stock Canadian.


People lets throw them out – – NONCONFIDENCE – and for making the Canadian people look and sound bad to the world Band the entire party we can Disband the provincial and federal party


Why should he comment and apologize for his mistakes? He doesn’t make mistakes or tell lies, after all God and other elites don’t and therefore he doesn’t. It is beneath him. He simply blames someone else.

Just who the hell do Canadians think they are, accusing him of breaking and ignoring laws, of making mistakes, of being an elitist narcissist, of thinking he considers himself superior. Common people had damn well better start recognizing that they are not his intellectual and moral equal.

Trudeau is dangerous and very offensive. Pride for Allah.


Trudeau is a racist muslim guy supporting Muslims and jihadist groups as he is part of it and is working for a foreign agenda for leftist and radical Muslims

alan skelhorne

we are done like dinner, canadians across this vast land have thrown in the towel. as long as this separatist from quebec is in power, we are done. people just don,t have a clue what this prick from quebec is doing to the country, see what you get when you elect an elite. lol. bye bye canada, my question is this, since our country is just about gone, do we have a say too see what is left of our country.

Moe Somers

Trudeau likes to imply the Muslim people in Canada are victims and Canadians are Islamophobic.
He continues to publicly imply Canadians need to be fixed, atone, and make amends to the Muslim people of Canada. Not only is such rhetoric disrespectful towards Canadians. It also robs the Muslim people of Canada of any HOPE they will be accepted by the Canadian people.

Ray Decorby

My thinking as to why our Pop Star PM continued to double down and scold Canadians, continuing to accuse us all of being Islamophobic even after the Hijab Hoax; is that we are all being primed for what is soon to come down the pipe as a result of the M-103 Parliamentary committee’s recommendations for a “whole of gov’t approach” to Islamophobia. Stay tuned it’s coming.
Much the same as we have been are again being primed for things to come, by today’s CBC article about gun suicide…