PRIORITIES: As Suicide Epidemic Grips Maskwacis Community, Trudeau Government Sends Money To Yemen & Jordan

14 Canadians committed suicide in the community of Maskwacis, Alberta since December 2017, while the government continues sending billions of dollars to foreign countries.

As noted in a recent report, “Maskwacis Indian Health Services mental health worker Rick Lightning said there have been 14 deaths by suicide within the four nations that make up Maskwacis since December 2017. He also believes local leadership should call a state of emergency because help is desperately needed.”

Lightning had his own experience with family members taking their lives:

“His own daughter and granddaughter died by suicide three years ago. At that time suicide was also rampant in Maskwacis with an estimated 70 people taking their lives in less than six months.”

Lightning is asking for some relatively basic things, including more mental health workers (there are 7 for a community of 17,000) and a “24-hour youth safe centre,” which would be “a warm place where individuals can go to talk, share their experiences and be encouraged to not give up.”

Yet, while this community is asking for assistance, the Trudeau government is sending billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries, in an example of horribly misplaced priorities.

As I recently reported, the Trudeau government is giving $12 million to aid groups in Yemen, which came shortly after an announcement that they’re giving millions to build a road for the Jordanian military. Horribly, the government committed to the road project – at the expense of Canadian taxpayers – without even knowing the final cost.

All of this raises the question of what the hell is wrong with the government’s priorities?

How can we be giving money to foreign countries when we have so many Canadian citizens struggling, including the people of Maskwacis.

A suicide epidemic in a Canadian community should take priority over anything happening in a foreign country, and those in power who fail to recognize that have no business leading our country.

Our government exists to serve the Canadian people, and the Canadian people only.

Spencer Fernando

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This is so tragic. My thoughts and prayers go to the families of the deceased. How this is even allowed to continue, to find out ‘why’ should be of utmost importance yet the Federal and even Provincial Gov’t pass over it. This is considered a cluster and should be investigated. Jordan and China are the only thing the Liberals are focused on right now, not the lives of the Citizens who are suffering, and I’ll dare to say at the hands of the Government. We need a leader who focuses on CITIZENS first and not grandstanding on the world stage.… Read more »

Larry George Gilliam

There are people in this world who has an ability to con other people. Trudeau is a master con(not conservative). His father would be proud, since the old man was a master con and divider. Sadly, people die who lack the power to overcome indignities from the power brokers.


We absolutely disagree with Trudeau on sending money, foreign aid specially to muslim countries where most often the money is taken by the terrorists or kept by the dictators. Second, interestingly or strange enough, I have checked which First Nations it is referring to: Ermineski Cree Nation, Samson Cree Nation Louis Bull First Nations and Montana First Nations, all four part of the Maskwacis Indian tribes. Now NONE OF THOSE FIRST NATIONS ever filed under the transparency Act. My comment. Why are some First Nations never filed under this Act when it was COMPULSORY? Because, they are trying to hide… Read more »


You’re an idiot.
Do iou realize that those revenues must pay for education, infrastructure, health care, housing, etc etc. When you add up what the provincial, municipal and federal governments spend on you, it’s way more than what every reserve spends on their citizens.


I do not agree with lots of money being spent overseas however throwing more money At the First Nation problem is also not the solution as we have historically seen. There Are amazing groups working with the schools in the area e.g. Samson High School has people from the Art of Living Foundation teaching Happiness Programs. These kind of programs help kids.

Mike Filip

I live 20 minutes from this reserve, and it has always been in bad shape. For a while it was drive by shootings several times a week. I hate the fact that the CDN gov. is handing out money to other countries, but the bands in Maskwacis are wealthy and I dont think dumping more cash on them will fix this problem to be honest.


Throwing money at them does NOT solve anything. The situation runs much deeper!!!

chris malmstrom

Hey Jay…you’re an idiot! With the taxpayer dollars they receive, everyone on the reserve should have nothing less than a NEW home for each family, WITH clean running water, AND at the bare minimum a wood stove for a heat source. Where is all that money going? NOT to health care, NOT to infrastructure, NOT to education…the upper structure is allowing their own people to suffer and in some cases die, because they can profit from it! It’s a abomination of their own people’s trust by the “leaders” of these communities…much as the trust of the people of Canada is… Read more »

Brian Richard Allen

…. Canadians commit suicide …. the (pathologically-virtue-signaling, “liberal”) government (sends) Billions of Dollars to foreigners ….

Fascissocialism is a feel-good psychosis and to its sufferers, everything’s an abstract.

“Suicides? Hmmm. Bit of a worry for you.

“Shuck me another oyster.

Peel me another grape.”

Add that more of Trudeau’s cohorts, cronies and co-conspiratorsget to make themselves feel better by blowing Billions far away, than by dropping small change close to home.

And the junkets are grander, the trappings more grandiose.

Ask me a hard one.

Brian Richard Allen


There is a problem in complaining about no aid from the federal government when reserve chiefs will not disclose how money is allocated. We can’t just chuck TAX PAYING dollars at a problem when we don’t even know how the reserve is spending the money they do get. How will that stop the rampant alcohol abuse, drug abuse, gang violence, attempted murders, assaults, teen pregnancy, poverty, and suicide? Reserves are an archaic form of segregation and should be abolished. This is not the romantic idea of having land to live and fish and remember the old ways. It has turned… Read more »