PRIORITIES: As Suicide Epidemic Grips Maskwacis Community, Trudeau Government Sends Money To Yemen & Jordan

14 Canadians committed suicide in the community of Maskwacis, Alberta since December 2017, while the government continues sending billions of dollars to foreign countries.

As noted in a recent report, “Maskwacis Indian Health Services mental health worker Rick Lightning said there have been 14 deaths by suicide within the four nations that make up Maskwacis since December 2017. He also believes local leadership should call a state of emergency because help is desperately needed.”

Lightning had his own experience with family members taking their lives:

“His own daughter and granddaughter died by suicide three years ago. At that time suicide was also rampant in Maskwacis with an estimated 70 people taking their lives in less than six months.”

Lightning is asking for some relatively basic things, including more mental health workers (there are 7 for a community of 17,000) and a “24-hour youth safe centre,” which would be “a warm place where individuals can go to talk, share their experiences and be encouraged to not give up.”

Yet, while this community is asking for assistance, the Trudeau government is sending billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries, in an example of horribly misplaced priorities.

As I recently reported, the Trudeau government is giving $12 million to aid groups in Yemen, which came shortly after an announcement that they’re giving millions to build a road for the Jordanian military. Horribly, the government committed to the road project – at the expense of Canadian taxpayers – without even knowing the final cost.

All of this raises the question of what the hell is wrong with the government’s priorities?

How can we be giving money to foreign countries when we have so many Canadian citizens struggling, including the people of Maskwacis.

A suicide epidemic in a Canadian community should take priority over anything happening in a foreign country, and those in power who fail to recognize that have no business leading our country.

Our government exists to serve the Canadian people, and the Canadian people only.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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