Prominent Canadian Investor Issues Warning About China Buying Aecon

Stephen Jarislowsky warns that China is “without rule of law.”

One of Canada’s most successful businessmen is issuing a warning against China’s takeover of Aecon.

As noted by BNN, “Jarislowsky, the founder of Montreal-based investment firm Jarislowsky Fraser, told BNN in an interview on Monday that China shouldn’t be managing Canadian assets due to its international track record.”

Here’s a key part of what Jarislowsky said:

“I would be against [the Aecon takeover] for political reasons as much as other reasons, because I do believe that China is without rule of law. I do not believe that I would want our assets to be managed by companies without rule of law. But that’s probably not a consideration.”

Jarislowsky makes a great and essential point here: China is without the rule of law. Instead they have rule by the Communist Party.

This is something that has been ignored by our so-called “leaders.”

China does not have the rule of law as we understand it in Canada. The Communist Party dominates everything, and the state is an extension of the party. Letting a country set up in that way take our historic Canadian companies is a huge mistake, and Canada needs more people speaking out like Jarislowsky is against this dangerous sale.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau has repeatedly given China access to Canadian companies – even ones with implications for our national security – and he shows no sign of protecting Aecon from being taken away.

Once again, Canada is being sold out.

Spencer Fernando

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