CONSCIENCE: Liberal MP Opposes Trudeau’s Canada Summer Jobs Restrictions

MP Scott Simms says the government is wrong to make faith groups go against their most deeply held beliefs.

Scott Simms – the MP for Newfoundland Coast of Bays – Central – Notre Dame – is following his conscience rather than follow the Trudeau Liberal Party line, and is doing the right thing by standing up for his constituents.

As noted in a recent report, “The Liberal MP said its unfair that churches and Christian groups are being asked to violate their fundamental beliefs in order to receive funding for jobs and programs that are non-political, or unrelated to reproductive rights. He’s planning to write Patty Hajdu, the federal employment minister, to petition for a change.”

The report points out that the Trudeau government wants all groups to sign something saying, “both the job and the organization’s core mandate respect individual human rights in Canada … these include reproductive rights.”

This would require many faith organizations to sign something that goes against their deeply held beliefs in order to get federal funding for the Summer Jobs program, even though the jobs they are funding don’t have anything to do with abortion.

In a radio interview, Simms gave a specific example, saying “Just last week, I spoke with one of the churches about housing, affordable housing. The Salvation Army is constantly doing things for anti-poverty. So I have a close connection with these groups, and I represent them, even if we have a difference in belief.” 

Simms is asking for the government to make things more specific, and make it clear that funding would only be limited in the case of jobs that are specifically about campaigning for “changes to Canadian law.”

Simms says he will ask the Minister in charge of the program – Patty Hajdu – to make those changes, and says “this application, as it stands right now, is not right.”

MP Simms deserves credit for standing up for the rights of his constituents, as it shows a lot of political courage to go against the rigid party system that exists in Canadian politics today.

With his call for changes, Simms represents many millions of Canadians who are deeply concerned by the fact that Justin Trudeau is attempting to impose his personal beliefs on Canadians.

The question now is whether Trudeau will listen to the rising chorus of opposition to his disgraceful Canada Summer Jobs policy, or whether he will ignore everybody and just forge ahead with his far-left extremist attitude.

Spencer Fernando

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Cecilia De Freitas

Yay! For once someone has a conscience to do the right thing!!


I’m not optimistic we’ll see any movement from the Trudeau government on this issue. We’ll see.


I applaud this MP, Scott Simms, for having a conscience and speaking up. It is amazing that Trudeau has the gall to speak of his supposed Catholic faith and then try to pull this crap over on Canadians. It seems to smell of people having to disavow themselves of their faith and violate their own conscience in order to have access to government money – which is really our money to begin with. I’m surprised horns aren’t starting to grow from our self anointed king’s forehead. What would be great is if all federal liberals would revolt against this arrogant… Read more »

Tanya Gaw

Well done Mr. Simms. Hopefully this is the beginning of many Liberals standing up and thinking independently, with common sense and by conscience.
So far it has been a run away train as far as the Liberal MP’s seriously considering the betterment of this country when following the PM’s agenda to hit the moral fibre of this Nation with everything he’s got.
Time to take a step back.


Liberal fascist supporters also have the human right to make their own decisions. Other than rape, pregnancy is the result of an entirely voluntary action. If the don’t want a pregnancy, both male and female, then use birth control, keep it in your pants, keep your knees together or don’t screw. It is easy for everyone else but clearly a problem for Liberals who seem to have become experts on trying to control the minds and bodies of Canadians. They assume they can tell us what to think, do, act or even dictate our personal opinions, or else we are… Read more »


I do Credit and Congratulate MP Scott Simms for Standing Up for What Is Right. What I cannot Comprehend is WHY this MP has Backed all the Trudeau Liberal Party Line Issues that were “NOT RIGHT” and there have been Many. I Applaud MP Scott Simms for being the first MP to Oppose this Issue that goes Against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. I do NOT Believe that all the Liberal Party Can be Unethical and Traitorous to Canadians. However, this has not proven by Liberal MP’s. There were Many, Many Issues that Liberal MP’s Should have Voted… Read more »


Good on Mr. Simms to voice his opinion on radio BUT, will he stand up to his radical boss in the HOC, is the question we ask?
Would Patty Hajdu define her radical boss for Christians and other religious groups that are against jihadi Justin radical ways? I DON’T THINK SO.

Ana Gomes

Scott Simms: One Liberal still alive and kicking, with some sense of liberalism and freedom!!! Just amazing that not all of them sold their moral cells to the extreme left compost pile that Trudeau is dragging in. Mr. Simms, I tell you that you are in the wrong Party. There is no liberalism left in the so called Liberal Party, who chose the least intelligent and the least educated member among them to be their leader, and stole and enhanced the dated idiosyncrasies of the NDP as their leftist dogma. If you are not a left supremacist, you should not… Read more »

LOUIS joannette

In Canada we have the queen day or Canada day and St-jean baptist day, we are working to have first Nation POW WOW DAY, because they are ONE the founder of the country. OUR MONITORY MONEY IS FRENCH AND ANGLO AND WE HOPE THEY WILL INCLUDED A FIRST NATION

Louis Joannette first nation


Next he’ll be demanding we renounce Jesus Christ and voww we honour muhammad