Kellie Leitch Says She Won’t Be Running In The 2019 Election

Conservative MP Kellie Leitch has announced that she won’t run in the 2019 federal election.

Leitch – the MP for Simcoe-Grey – had run for the Conservative leadership, finishing in 7th place after a campaign that focused on Canadian Values.

That campaign exposed a large gap between how the political/media elites discuss frame issues, and how most Canadians see things.

Leitch was regularly demonized for talking about the importance of Canadian Values, even as numerous polls showed the vast majority of Canadians agreed with the basic outline of what she proposed.

Nevertheless, Leitch was unable to gain significant momentum in the leadership race, and the Conservative Party seemed to see her as controversial and sought to distance themselves from her.

She was left out of Scheer’s shadow cabinet, and kept a relatively low profile in the House of Commons since then.

Leitch was also facing nomination challengers – which some thought were organized by the Conservative Party in an effort to oust her from the seat.

Spencer Fernando

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chris malmstrom

I for one, liked her platform, as it pertained to TRUE Canadian thoughts and believes. Best of luck in your future endeavors.


I’m very sorry to hear Kellie is stepping out of politics. She was my second choice after Maxime Bernier. I will support Andrew Scheer as I’m a conservative but I worry about his lack of fire and presence. Both Max and Kellie were clear where they stood and what they believed. Andrew, well, I’m hoping that will come into focus soon. Smiley Mr Dimples is not the image of a leader.


The Conservatives don’t have a hope of progressing with Mr. Dimples in charge. I suspect there was a lot of Soros, Dogwood initiative and Trudeau influence backing Mr. Dimples and it will not go well for Canada. If the Cons had a hard aggressive leader they could run the pathetic narcissist into the ground. Scheer might be a good speaker but he does not have the aura of a strong leader, he doesn’t instill confidence.


I’m a staunch – literal card carrying conservative, and I absolutely agree. Scheer was a bad choice. I honestly wonder if a bunch of lefty liberals bought conservative memberships just to get him elected leader.

Max would have been 1000x better.


It is Disappointing that Kellie Leitch Won’t be Running in 2019, and that the Conservative Party has Gone Against her. She speaks the Truth with her Views regarding Canadian Values and Believes what every True Canadian Believes and Wants. She Doesn’t Hold Back and Tells it like it is. It is Upsetting that Kellie Leitch was not made part of the Andrew Scheer’s Shadow Cabinet. Canadian Values are being Negatively Distorted and Abolished by Traitorous Dictator, Trudeau, whom we are now stuck with, and Kellie Leitch would have been Dynamic as a Conservative Cabinet MP to Stand up for Canadians!… Read more »


Spencer, the same reporter who wrote this article was the very same who spent days, months trying to rid Stephen harper. Now that he has created this monster in Justin trudeau, the writer will soon find out the hell he has put on himself and on his countrymen.
Businesses, investors and many others in their shoes will follow to where taxes are low and regulations is minimum. Canada may only have dope to sell.

Miles Lunn

Not surprised but John Manley was arguing he should cut the top rate and I trust John Manley a lot more on economics and business than Trudeau. Trudeau is all about creating his ideal just society and doesn’t understand how things work in the real world its all trying to re-engineer Canada to be like his ideal, but that never works in the real world.

Miles Lunn

This is good news for the Conservatives. Simcoe-Grey is normally a safe Tory riding, but she is so toxic she might have cost us the riding. Lets remember while you have some blue collar towns like Alliston where her message might go over well, you have places like Collingwood and Wasaga Beach which have a lot of retirees from the GTA and that group tends to be wealthier and better educated so Trudeau’s attacks on business won’t go over well with them, but Leitch’s nativism would be a huge turn off. Also just another attack ad opportunity so I think… Read more »