As Globalist Elites Gather In Davos, 82% Of Global Wealth In 2017 Went To Just 1% Of The Population

They say the mood in Davos is “better than ever,” which is no surprise since the globalist elites have never been richer or more powerful.

Over the next few days, the globalist elites will gather in Davos and pretend to care about rising income inequality.

They’ll say a bunch of nice things about building an “economy that works for everyone,” while doubling down on the same “free trade”,¬†globalization, and weakening of national borders that has benefited a thin slice of the world at the expense of the vast majority.

They’ll also condemn “populism,” not realizing that it’s a common sense reaction to a world in which power and wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

After all, democracy is supposed to put power in the hands of the people, which is clearly not happening today.

That’s why it’s fitting that the globalist gathering in Davos coincides with a report from Oxfam revealing that 82% of all global wealth last year went to just 1% of the world population.

As noted by the AP, “In its report “Reward Work, Not Wealth,” Oxfam says 82 per cent of the wealth generated last year went to the richest 1 per cent of the global population while the poorest half of the world’s population — 3.7 billion people — saw no increase in their wealth. Billionaire wealth, it added, has risen by an annual average of 13 per cent since 2010, over six times more than the wages of average workers, and the number of billionaires rose at an astonishing rate of one every two days in the year to March 2017.”

Among the many suggestions made by Oxfam is to crack down on tax avoidance – the same kind we have seen here in Canada where well-connected elites stash their wealth in foreign offshore tax havens.

Yet, the Davos elites like Justin Trudeau have shown no interest in listening to the people. Almost 90% of Canadians want foreign offshore tax havens banned, yet the government – and past governments of all political stripes – took no action, depriving Canada of up to $15 billion per year, which is almost as big as our entire military budget.

So, whatever words are said by the Davos globalists are empty and worthless. They’re happier than ever with how things are going, because they’ve rigged the system to ensure that no matter how hard people work – the wealth goes to a narrow elite and nation states are weakened.

Until that elite is defeated and a government that truly serves the people is elected, the system will only become more and more corrupt.

Spencer Fernando

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don morris

“Until that elite is defeated and a government that truly serves the people is elected, the system will only become more and more corrupt.” That elite will never be defeated.We passed the point of no return long ago,after WW2, as the elites have strengthened their hold on us peasants and co-opted the major political Parties in every developed Nation to serve their real masters,and I don’t mean us. In the place of us middle classes,we now have civil servants who owe their loyalty to their masters in government,who owe THEIR loyalty to the elite that put them their. Our only… Read more »

Moe Somers

3,000 attendee’s; 70 heads of state; 40 corporate bosses; Hollywood to Bollywood celebrities; the rich; the famous; and the powerful. Is Trudeau missing out? Are you kidding! He did not get the Christmas vacation he so wanted, because of mama Mary Dawson’s scolding over last years holiday vacation. So, here’s to you Canadian taxpaying middle-classers, this party is on you. And after this trip, the Carbon Warrior is off to Los Angeles; San Francisco; Chicago; and India ( Agra; Amritsar; Ahmedabad; Mumbai and New Delhi) The carbon warrior, just keep those Challenger engines rolling, all the while he sticks it… Read more »

Timothy Hickey

Assad has been used by the Globalists to further their AGENDA! They have accused him of gas attacks in the past, that were NOT of his doing, so that the take down of the state would become a reality! We can be thankful for ASSAD’s steadfastness for his people, and for the Russians for shedding light on ISIS and its roots and connections!
Do you remember the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? We cannot trust our own governments to tell us the truth!

Helene Shaw


don morris

Oh,millions of us “get it”,we just realize there isn’t much we can do about it. Maybe they should start lacing our drinking water with prozac or quaaludes.