POLL: United Conservative Party Has Massive Lead Over NDP

Mainstreet Research Alberta poll finds the United Conservative Party has more than twice as much support as the NDP.

A new poll by Mainstreet Research shows the Alberta NDP in serious trouble.

If the results were replicated in a general election, the NDP would be almost wiped from the electoral map, and the United Conservative Party led by Jason Kenney would sweep the province – with the NDP only somewhat competitive in Edmonton.

Here are the key numbers:

UCP 56%, NDP 27%, Alberta Party 7%, Liberals 6.7%, Greens 3.1%.

The UCP leads in all parts of Alberta, with a 31 point lead in Calgary, a 6 point lead in Edmonton, and a 47 point lead in the rest of Alberta.

The Conservatives extend their domination to all age groups as well, leaving the NDP in a perilous situation.

These numbers show that the attempt by the NDP to change the political culture in Alberta has failed.

When they took office, the NDP could have pursued a more balanced course, but instead chose to go far to the left, including increasing taxes, increasing spending, and even imposing a carbon tax.

Meanwhile, their massive deficits led to a huge increase in the debt, and the Notley government has shown no interest in balancing the budget anytime soon.

Additionally, this poll shows that the NDP’s pathetic attempt to demonize Kenney and run a far-left identity politics-based campaign is failing miserably.

As a result, the natural conservative majority in Alberta has reunited in one party, and that party is poised for a massive win.

Read the full Mainstreet Research poll here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter