SECRECY: While In Davos, Trudeau Shuts Canadian Media Out Of Netanyahu Meeting & North American Roundtable

Openness and Transparency?

Justin Trudeau certainly has a unique interpretation of the most “open and transparent” government ever.

While at the globalist summit in Davos, Trudeau has been keeping Canadian media out of meetings – even after originally promising access.

In a strange turn of events, a meeting between Trudeau and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – which was reportedly planned days in advance – was opened by the Israeli government to Israeli media, but was closed by the Trudeau government to Canadian media.

According to CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson, “Multiple sources are telling me the Trudeau meeting with Netanyahu was planned ‘days’ in advance. Lots of surprise the Canadian media was not informed because the Israelis told their reporters,” she tweeted.”

Canadian media wasn’t even told about the meeting until after it happened.

It has also been revealed that the government had promised media they could attend a North American roundtable, then backtracked:

“Stephenson added that the “blackout” on informing the press about the meeting comes less than a day after the PMO shut reporters out of the North American roundtable Wednesday morning, after previously stating that reporters could attend.”

It’s bad enough that Trudeau is in Davos, and it’s made even worse by the fact that Canadians are being deprived of what’s going on behind the scenes.

It shows Trudeau’s arrogance and secrecy, as he sees himself as being above any accountability or honesty with Canadians. After all, Israel was fine letting their public know about the meeting, so why did the Trudeau government keep it hidden?

And why did the government say the media could cover the North American roundtable, and then shut them out?

Trudeau’s secrecy in Davos will only raise further concerning questions about what’s happening behind the scenes at that elitist gathering, and make people wonder how badly our country is being sold out behind the scenes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Maybe now the media won’t be so anxious to protect the Libs. And their actions. Time they woke up and started telling the truth about this corrupt government.

don morris

With most of the media being liberals,that’s unlikely.


I’d still like to know how Trudeau can be removed as Prime Minister of Canada before an election? Because if there is a way we should have it done.


We do not elect Prime Ministers in the Canadian parliamentary system based on the UK. The party that wins the most seat becomes the government and by default its leader becomes the PM. Only his own caucus can fire him which is unlikely. Thatcher was never not voted for by the people but rather unseated by her own party. If we were to introduce a recall MP legislation where a percentage of the riding wants to unseat its MP then that may be a route. As our ducky PM is in Quebec good luck that even working.

John Charville

Selling out Canada to invasion by Islam, which has the stated intent of conquest from within, is Treason.

Chris vrecko

There are 3 ways. Her Majesty the Queen, the Governor General, and the house, however the idiot has such a majority that that won’the happen. Before stupid father was finished his term of prime minister he removed our right to recall. I have said that must be fixed when a new govt. Gets in or Canada will not survive.


Is that why Justin do not want to change the voting system?

Audrey Wright

Seems I recognize your name. From the beginning of his run for leadership of the Liberal party, we both said that “Canada would be in trouble if he was ever the PM”. Right?! Correct me if I am wrong, but he may well be the most destructive PM we have ever had. He has been called the “Little Obama” by the American press, and many believe that he is a puppet with the strings leading back to George Soros. Money and power are deadly goals – and I’m afraid that JT has bought into that. He has never succeeded at… Read more »

Timothy Hickey

The unbridled debt that P E T unleashed on Canadians in his time has never been cancelled out! Every PM since has added debt to the bottom line for this nation! There is but one solution to the recklessness of JT, and future PMs and majority governments that rule with less than half of the popular vote of the nation ~ Elect Non-Partisans in every riding of the country who will SERVE the Will and the Leadership of a Real Majority of Canadians! Those who are elected, then by secret ballot can choose a PM to serve Canadians! If ever… Read more »

don morris

There is essentially no way to legally remove a Canadian PM from Office. There IS impeachment in the British Parliamentary system,but it has been used only once,in England in 1806.

With a majority in the House,it is virtually impossible. And don’t forget,40% of the voters are still madly in with Trudeau.

D. Jerome Hauk

His actions are both irrational and erratic, a worisome combination: we do, however, have to get the Israeli media to fill us in thus far.


It is interesting that many on the left would say Israel is a closed fascist state oppressing Arabs. If that is true and their government is open to a free press at an international conference what does that make Canada when we deny our press coverage, just a thought!


What the media did to PM STEPHEN HARPER, DICTATOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU is doing to them.
The complained that PMSH has nothin to do with the media even when he told them that he read their articles in the newspapers whereas Justin trudeau told the reporters that he does not listen to their news nor read their articles 9imo, a slap to their faces).
So really, for the reporters to whine they deserve what get for the way they treated PMSH.

alan skelhorne

wow first the unions are going nuttso, and now the msm, well people what do u expect from a pos from quebec. lol.

B ob Pflug

Trudeau is very well funded by hard line Zionists in Canada and Trudeau rewards them by supporting Israel in the Un General Assembly.

Roger Trout

You know nothing about politics.. why would Zionists support someone hell-bent at supporting the Palestinians!! Trudeau has already publicly showed lack of support for Israel Defense!


Prove it.

K. aka Kel

Why did Trudeau keep it hidden? Easy, his Moslem minions in Canada..and at the OIC…and at the NCCM would of had conniption fits.

Allis Chalmers

Trudeau is a trogan horse within Canada. He is determined to destroy this country. Worst is the fact the Liberal govt is condoning this destruction as well.

Christian Christian

It wasn’t planned days in advance. Trudeau emailed the press as soon as he found out about it, which was at the last minute.

Richard Courtemanche

Don’t know why he’d shut out the Canadian media, they’ve been supporting his nonsense. Perhaps, the media should be vengeful and start reporting the facts away from the left!