TPP TREPIDATION: Growing Concern That Canada Is Being Sold Out To Foreign Competitors In Trade Deal

There are fears that Canada gave away far too much, and got far too little in the new TPP agreement signed by the Trudeau government.

Is Canada being sold out in the new TPP deal supported by the federal government?

That seems to be a growing concern for large sectors of the economy.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, while some groups are happy about the deal, “But Canada’s dairy farmers, the head of the country’s largest private-sector union and a major portion of the Canadian auto industry say the new deal makes major concessions to foreign competitors that will cost jobs in Canada without yielding sufficient reciprocal benefits.”

Here were a few of the key concerns about the deal – the text of which has not yet been made public:

“Auto-parts makers say the TPP would open them up to more intense competition from low-cost countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia. The Detroit Three auto makers say it will eliminate tariffs on Japan-made vehicles entering the Canadian market while not removing existing non-tariff barriers in Japan.”

The government claims they will deal with that concern, but if it is true, then it represents a huge failure on the part of the Trudeau government.

Letting another country sell their products into Canada for a cheaper cost without getting reciprocal access for exports of the same product will certainly damage the Canadian auto industry, and would be a huge betrayal of Canadian autoworkers.

Meanwhile, “The Dairy Farmers of Canada decried the agreement, pointing out that it grants the same level of tariff-free access to this country’s dairy market that Canada conceded in 2015 when the United States was still part of TPP negotiations.”

The head of the Automotive Parts Manufactures’ Association – Flavio Volpe – is also concerned:

“Mr. Volpe’s organization has long been concerned that TPP rules could invite a flood of cheaper Asian-made products and jeopardize the future of 81,000 auto-parts jobs in Canada.”

The head of the biggest private sector union in Canada – Jerry Dias – “warned that the TPP will start a “race to the bottom” that sends jobs to low-wage TPP countries. “Despite a new name, there is nothing remotely progressive about the TPP, and Unifor remains opposed to this bad trade.”‘

With the final text still unknown, these concerns will confirm the worst fears many had of the deal negotiated behind the scenes. In the name of “free trade,” it further weakens workers and damages Canadian jobs and Canadian companies.

This would fit the pattern of previous trade deals, with furthered the globalist ambition of building one uniform global economy that weakens individual nations, deprives workers of leverage, and concentrates wealth and power in massive corporations and global institutions that are more powerful than national governments.

When the final text of the deal is revealed, we will find out whether the government actually got a good deal, or – as seems increasingly likely – Canada is being sold out and betrayed once again.

Spencer Fernando

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