VIDEO: Patrick Brown Delivers Statement On Allegations As Staff Resign En Masse

Ontario PC Party Leader Patrick Brown delivered a short statement to the media after reports of allegations made against him by two women.

Brown’s statement can be seen below:

Staff resign en masse

In the wake of the allegations – which relate to alleged sexual misconduct – almost of all Patrick Brown’s senior staff have resigned, including his Campaign Manager, Chief of Staff, Deputy Campaign Manager, and Press Secretary.

They reportedly asked him to step down, and when he chose not to, they stepped down themselves.

Many are speculating on social media that Brown will not be able to stay on as PC Party Leader.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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K. aka Kel

Another victim to the #metoo witch-hunt?

Dave Bainard

#metoo movement in the USA gaining steam. 5 months until an election and Wynne’s liberals looking like their days are done. It wouldn’t take much to consider that some liberal skullduggery could be being played here.


It’s not the Liberals. If it were, they would have released this ten days before the election.

Sherrie Legault

Patrick Brown & his Carbon Tax, have to go!
We need a strong PC government in Ontario. It’s time for Patrick Brown to do the right thing, as we need a new leader, asap!


Ok, the left wing ‘Moore Strategy’ has been triggered. Pull Brown (a progressive anyway) and parachute the cleanest federal PC MP available into the race to save Ontario (and Canada) from 4 more years of destruction by the corrupt and incompetent Katwynne.

Miles Lunn

And he didn’t stay on, which is not surprising. I figured whenever he spoke to his caucus they would force him out. And sure enough after two conference calls with the caucus that is what happened. He wanted to stay on, but caucus told him he had to go.
Kathleen Pulfer

Absolute CRAP! This is a tactic by the Liberals to destroy the Conservatives knowing that they were on their way to winning the election! On an allegation, where 2 people can make accusations, no one has spoken to the police, their faces or names not published, and they can make an accusation and ruin a persons life, reputation and job? This whole thing has become a damn witch hunt! The CBC, the Communist Broadcasting Network, just prints the accusation, no details of the woman, no faces, no information no specifics, just that he is accused! I hope all conservatives totally… Read more »

D. Jerome Hauk

You may be right in having the ‘movement’ cease, but there is an upside here: It is fervently to be hoped that he will be replaced by a Conservative leader to replace his Liberal-Lite approach. Brown would have been a huge resource towards Wynne’s re-election.

Maureen Henderson

I have never been a big fan of Patrick Brown , but I feel he is being set up. He sounds sincere in his statement and I feel very sorry for him if this is a liberal set up .you just can’t trust anyone in this sin filled world today.


We cannot trust any politician, I remember reading something about how he became the Conservative leader in Ontario and it was funny (I can not find the article now). But like Hudak and John Tory before him they seemed to have no solutions or anything to say that would help us get rid of the totally corrupt Liberal government and get us out of this whopping debt, and get us back working, if we have nothing to vote for, we need another Harris, He at least got a lot done before he was taken down we have become the dumping… Read more »


Witch hunt for sure!! He looks absolutely devastated!! So if you shake hands with someone now that is considered sexual misconduct?? To be accused falsely is bad enough but when your colleagues believe it and turn on you without proof, that is low and disgusting!! they are playing judge, jury and executioner!! I believe women have gone too damn far!!!! Especially when they are just as guilty!!


liberal playbook 101… accuse the opposition of sexual misconduct… democrats tried it several times in the states…