CRAZY: Jagmeet Singh Says The Presumption Of Innocence Only Applies To Courts

Would he still have the same opinion if he was accused?

Jagmeet Singh has made a very disturbing statement regarding the presumption of innocence.

Here’s what he said when asked the question in the context of the recent accusations surrounding Patrick Brown and Kent Hehr:

“If you are asking me when I was a lawyer in a legal lens, there is a discussion or presumption of innocence — but that is strictly about the procedures in court.”

Added Singh, “When it comes to creating a just society, we need to look at the reality that we have to believe survivors if we want to tackle violence against women, if we want to shift a culture that for too long women have been silent about the ongoing violence that they experienced in their lives.”

The first part of Singh’s statement is crazy – despite his obvious efforts to say the most politically correct thing possible.

The problem is that taking his thought to its logical conclusion would mean that Singh would have to immediately resign if anyone made allegations against him – regardless of whether it was true or not.

If a woman were to say that Jagmeet Singh assaulted them, then by his logic that individual would immediately enter into the category of “survivor.”

Singh says all “survivors” should be believed, which would mean his accuser would have to be believed.

Then, since he believes the presumption of innocence doesn’t apply, he would have to accept that he is presumed guilty by everybody – even if there was no truth to it.

Then, by the logic he used in referencing Patrick Brown, Singh would have to step down immediately.

Obviously, that is a hypothetical scenario, but it’s important to consider because Singh is explicitly advocating for a society where the presumption of innocence is eliminated.

Of course, we know that Singh would carve out an exception for himself if he was ever accused. Surely, he would want the chance to defend his innocence and hold onto his job. Surely, he would want to be given the benefit of the doubt before his political career was destroyed.

Yet, he is arguing for a society where one accusation is all it would take for Singh to have his livelihood eviscerated.

Is that really what he wants?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube