NDP CONFLICT: Charlie Angus Criticizes Party On Twitter, Later Deletes It

Angus’ criticism of the NDP raised concerns that the party as too focused on “instagram tricks or gala planning…”

It appears there is dissension within the NDP under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh.

Second-place leadership contender Charlie Angus – seen as being most in touch with the party’s grassroots – recently tweeted, and then deleted, criticism of the party.

His criticism seemed directed towards Jagmeet Singh’s ‘style above substance’ image.

The tweet was brought to attention by the Hill Times, who shared a screenshot of it:

Former MP Laurin Liu replied to the tweet supporting what Angus said, demonstrating that his views are shared by others within the NDP.

As I had noted during the NDP leadership race, Charlie Angus had focused his campaign on connecting with the NDPs traditional working class base of support, while Jagmeet Singh focused on a more Trudeau-like appeal based on social justice warrior themes, identity politics, and moving far to the left.

This clearly created a split in the party, and that split appears to be growing.

Singh’s leadership so far makes the split more likely to grow, since the NDP has not gained support and has fallen far short of past vote totals in recent by-elections, while also abandoning the many working people who once supported the NDP yet also want good jobs in all industries across Canada – including the oil industry.

This leaves many working class voters up for grabs, and the Conservatives could increase their support by shifting towards Canadian economic nationalism, and pushing back against the globalist agenda that is hurting Canadian workers.

Spencer Fernando

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