REPORT: Trudeau Liberals Bow To Massive Pressure, Say They Will Keep Warning Against FGM In New Citizenship Guide

There was massive and sustained outrage after it was revealed the Trudeau government planned to remove condemnation of the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation in the New Citizens Guide.

It appears that the Trudeau government is going to bow to massive pressure and sustained outrage, and will keep the warning against female genital mutilation (FGM) in the New Citizens Guide.

According to a recent report, immigration minister Ahmed Hussen issued a statement saying the new guide will include mention of FGM:

“While the content for the new guide is still being developed, Canadians can be assured that the new document will include information on Canada’s laws against gender-based violence, including FGM. We would normally not comment on a product still under development, but given the interest in this specific issue, I felt it was important to update Canadians on where we stand.”

After it was revealed the Trudeau government was planning to remove the condemnation of FGM from the citizenship guide, the government faced intense criticism.

A petition by Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel was signed by almost 25,000 people.

The issue also resonated strongly on, as an article about Trudeau’s planned betrayal of Canadian values by removing the FGM condemnation was the most read article on the site in 2017 – with over 93,000 views.

Pressure from Canadians worked

There are two key points here:

First, the expected reversal by the Trudeau Liberals shows that the Canadian people still have some influence. The situation probably went like this: Trudeau and his ministers were hell-bent on removing the FGM condemnation. Then, backbench MPs started getting contacted by outraged constituents, and started worrying about their re-election chances. Then, they applied pressure within the government, forcing Trudeau and Hussen to back down.

That brings us to the second point: While it’s good that this reversal appears to be happening, the fact that the government had to be pressured into it is an absolute disgrace, and it revealed Trudeau’s ‘feminist’ rhetoric as a pathetic joke.

Opposing and condemning FGM should have been a no brainer. It shouldn’t have taken intense pressure from public petitions and websites like this for the government do the right thing.

It’s deeply disturbing that the government even considered removing it from the citizenship guide. And of course, we can’t be certain they will actually warn against it until we see it in the new guide. After all the lies from Trudeau, the government has totally failed to earn the benefit of doubt.

This whole situation was clear evidence of how totally removed from Canadian values the Trudeau government has become, and why they must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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Mark McIsaac

And what of the references to ‘honor’ killing, forced marriage, gay rights, etc.? Or will those be assumed included by way of another #checkbox?


MARK– ** All Canadians MUST be informed about the HORRIBLE procedure of FGM and that the Liberals wanted to have it removed from the Citizenship Guide in December-2017.
** The Liberals have NO RESPECT for females and Liberals MUST be VOTED OUT in 2019 … their attitude is absolutely disgusting

Sandra Clark

For the Trudeau Government to even consider removing FGM from the citizen guide is abhorrent. How does a PM constantly impress upon the World that he is a devout Feminist, every chance he has and then gives in to such a barbaric practice to appease the Muslim population? FGM cannot, in any way be compared to male circumcision, because intimacy is still enjoyed. FGM is done on little girls and some older women in order to “not” be able to enjoy intimacy at all. I wonder if he would stand for his private parts being chopped off so that he… Read more »


What mind??


Or, if he even has a functioning mind.


simply another example of how little judgement this government …pressure has to mount before they are moved ….no inherent perspective , no logic, no humanness !!


Spencer, the PC Party Forced the Liberals to Bow Down after Massive Pressure and Sustained Outrage to this Barbaric, Disgraceful Practice. They got 25,000 people to sign. I and Hundreds of Thousands of Canadians NEVER saw this Petition. Why hasn’t the Conservative Party started a Petition to have this Useless, Traitorous, Dictator REMOVED?? I know that the Majority of Canadians would Sign the Petition and we would be Rid of him ASAP! Anyone who wants to keep Trudeau as a PM Desperately Needs to Visit a Shrink! He needs to go NOW! He is Destroying this Once Beautiful Country Each… Read more »

alan skelhorne

i am just curious of what his boss george soros says about this, trudeau didn,t do this on his own, he hasn,t a brain, oh wait a minute it must have gerald the butt kisser butts.


dont warn against fgm… tell people this barbaric mutilation is against the law period…

Tanya Gaw

Excellent news…lets keep the pressure on until all Liberals are removed!
If this is what they stand for we do not want them in office.
They either stop towing the party line or their doomed.

Marie Racine

And who is to say that if he ever does get re-elected that all the reversals he made on the FGM, the taxes, etc., won’t be coming back into play? Cannot be trusted, period.

Linda Querel

I fear Trudeau may have some mental health issues. Nothing he does or says make any sense.


Not unless you label the Left mentally ill. Which I do……….animus possessed.

Gerry Herbert Oliphant

Thank you for all your perseverance in helping this outcome to occur. I concur with the above comment that refers to the fact that Canadians would sign a petition to rid us of this traitor PM. We can’t wait for the next election as he is destroying this great country daily & I find it hard to believe that members of his own party won’t do anything to stop this. I’m a grandmother who wants to live long enough to see this traitor & his consorts ousted. Our soldiers , both past & present, need to know that we won’t… Read more »

james yeo

hi well said that woman I am here in Scotland following what this idiot of a man is doing to my Canadian brothers and sisters we went through two world wars just cant believe the way he is betraying the people we have the same king of traitors here in the UK take care stay strong Jim yeo .

Peter Enns

Kudos to those people who are fighting for Canadian values. Let’s keep fighting and motivating each other. The electronic media is doing wonders.


A trickle of hope for young girls! The body is a sanctuary for the goodness…do not harm or mutilate it…it is what houses the divine!


Good on Michelle Rempel , With many Praises, I seen her talk to the Immigration Minister and he avoided like 10 times to say yes he would put it back, he’s doing an absolute terrible job at our borders and venting refugees he should resign. No brainer problems to him is the hardiest thing to grasp. I have utter no respect for him to fulfil his duties, If he was one of my employees he would of been fired like 6 months ago another reason why Trudeau should step down, he doesn’t know how to take control of his own… Read more »

Wendy Lush

That top photo… Bonehead and Conehead.


I don’t believe Trudeau will include these “warnings”. Nope. He hope we all forget. The threat I worried about was if it isn’t in a citizenship guide, did that make FGM legal? Thanks Spencer for all your work.


This is Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s Parliament telephone number, please call and let him know when you disagree with something our government is doing(613) 992-4211


It’s hard to be logical within an illogical govt. My head hurts & nothing makes sense. My grandfather & great uncles fought in wars to defend our freedom & democratic way of life. They’d be turning over in thier graves.

Jennifer Seigel

I would say it speaks volumes that they had to be shamed into this.


This is to inform you that petition e-1310, which you signed on the e-petitions website of the House of Commons, was presented in the House of Commons on February 6, 2018. You will be notified once a government response has been tabled. Open for signature : October 6, 2017, at 10:37 a.m. (EDT) Closed for signature : February 3, 2018, at 10:37 a.m. (EDT) ………………Great work done by all…………………………. Signatures (25358) Province / Territory Signatures Alberta 8081 British Columbia 3727 Manitoba 1156 New Brunswick 511 Newfoundland and Labrador 194 Northwest Territories 31 Nova Scotia 482 Nunavut 7 Ontario 7689 Prince… Read more »