‘SERIOUS LEADERSHIP’: Justin Trudeau Wears Rubber Ducky Socks In Davos

Why get attention through substance when you can get it with socks?

Devoted attention-seeker and ‘serious leader’ Justin Trudeau wore his rubber ducky socks while representing Canada in Davos.

A photo can be seen below:

Justin Trudeau Socks Davos

While it may seem petty to criticize Trudeau for his sock choice, the fact is that he is representing Canada on the world stage, and makes himself – and by extension the country – look like a joke.

If he was at home or on a vacation, nobody would care about this. But when he’s at an official event surrounded by other world leaders, he portrays Canada as being an inherently unserious and weak nation.

After all, other world leaders look for stuff like this, and any hint of weakness has consequences for trade negotiations and foreign policy. 

Combined with Trudeau’s refusal to eliminate potential returning ISIS fighters overseas, his weak and disturbing approach to radical Islamism, and his disregard for Canadian values and Canadian borders, Trudeau consistently projects an image of Canada as being open for exploitation.

The Canadian people deserve far better representation.

P.S. – talking about Trudeau’s socks is certainly a distraction from the real Davos news – the fact that he’s shutting out the Canadian media and denying Canadians the chance to know what’s happening behind the scenes.

You can read and share the story of Trudeau’s secrecy here, to help spread the news Trudeau doesn’t want people to know.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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