‘SERIOUS LEADERSHIP’: Justin Trudeau Wears Rubber Ducky Socks In Davos

Why get attention through substance when you can get it with socks?

Devoted attention-seeker and ‘serious leader’ Justin Trudeau wore his rubber ducky socks while representing Canada in Davos.

A photo can be seen below:

Justin Trudeau Socks Davos

While it may seem petty to criticize Trudeau for his sock choice, the fact is that he is representing Canada on the world stage, and makes himself – and by extension the country – look like a joke.

If he was at home or on a vacation, nobody would care about this. But when he’s at an official event surrounded by other world leaders, he portrays Canada as being an inherently unserious and weak nation.

After all, other world leaders look for stuff like this, and any hint of weakness has consequences for trade negotiations and foreign policy. 

Combined with Trudeau’s refusal to eliminate potential returning ISIS fighters overseas, his weak and disturbing approach to radical Islamism, and his disregard for Canadian values and Canadian borders, Trudeau consistently projects an image of Canada as being open for exploitation.

The Canadian people deserve far better representation.

P.S. – talking about Trudeau’s socks is certainly a distraction from the real Davos news – the fact that he’s shutting out the Canadian media and denying Canadians the chance to know what’s happening behind the scenes.

You can read and share the story of Trudeau’s secrecy here, to help spread the news Trudeau doesn’t want people to know.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Moe Somers

Perhaps Trudeau’s wife, in her haste to pack his suitcase sent along only one pair of socks (as most mother’s do) forgetting she’s a mother of 3 children, NOT 4!


If she truly is his mother then we should be able to find out when she went to Cuba.

Little baby sockies are the only way he would be noticed in the Davos crowd. He likely has lots his nanny ( or Monsef in this case ) carries for him in his diaper bag.

Bob Pflug

The socks are for home consumption. Most Canadians are sufficiently naive to believe no thug would be seen in rubber ducky socks.

alan skelhorne

no brain = no class.

vance stright

how old is he anyway

Wendy Lush

45 going 5. The word ‘man-child’ comes to mind.

Tanya Gaw

He continues to be a radical concern to Canadian citizens. Counting the days until he is out and we can work toward recovering from all the damage this foolish leader has subjected this country to.


W.T.F. ? what the ‘ell can one say to this? s.m.f.h……

Marie Racine

Job opening Spencer. Lifelong pension. Throw your hat in – PC’s looking for good leadership and you are in tune with what’s happening. Go for it, what have you got to lose?


Epic Fail, ya wonna talk with the big boys, dress like the big boys. smh

Maryam McKinley

At first I thought oh no not another pair of stupid socks, but on second thought they are a good idea. He just selected the wrong theme: should have been Mickey Mouse.

chris malmstrom

We are represented by a Canadian clown.


Ya just have to wonder what goes on in that “boy’s” mind. Does he really think these are “cool” and will impress all these corporate giant executives or is he trying to stick it to us Canadians and make us look silly, vulnerable and downright stupid? It seems that every move this pm makes lands up being a slap in all of our faces… he plays us for fools… but then again he’s more than likely just being told what to do by his handlers. We all know he cant think for himself.

Wendy Lush

Or his handlers are being told what to do by him – which is why this country is in such a mess.

Susan Walsh

How can he be so stupid to be thinking he could impress anyone on the world business stage. I wish Donald Trump was working for Canada!

Harold Crowe

His father would or did dance behind the queens back when visit the Queen in 70`s . I did not think it was appropriate at time it was release so I think it runs in the family.


Child trying to lead

Wendy Lush

Put a sock in it, Trudeau.


A place for signing/reading current petitions for change.
interesting whats here.

James Wood

Truedumbs an idiot but at least he has been polite to Mr Tump that has been in our favor instead of pising him off.TRUMPS MADE FOOLS OUT OF EVERYBODY THAT THOUGHT CROOKED FBI AGENTS HAD SECRET ‘INSURANCE POLICY’ IN CASE TRUMP WON
‘There’s no way he gets elected, we can’t take that risk’

Obama Administration Corrupt Crooks SWAMP-INFESTED Intelligence Agencies


Typical of childish Trudeau, he will do anything to be the centre of attention.
His desperate need to be in the limelight and as PM this foolishness of showing-off is inappropriate and immature.