BAD NEWS: Trudeau Government Planning Taxpayer-Funded Newspaper Bailout

The last thing we need is the anti-free speech Trudeau government making even more of the media dependent on them for survival.

The Trudeau government is planning to spend Canadian taxpayers money on a bailout of newspapers and other media, in a move that will further increase the governments power over the media – which is a very disturbing move considering how much the Trudeau government opposes free speech.

According to the CP“The financing is expected to be doled out through the Canada Periodical Fund, which currently assists print magazines, non-daily newspapers and digital periodicals. Heritage Minister Melanie Joly reportedly discussed the matter during a meeting Thursday with representatives of the Federation nationale des communications, which represents 7,000 people who work in culture and communications. Joly’s spokesman, Simon Ross, didn’t deny the report and says there will be an announcement in the coming weeks or months concerning the $75-million annual fund, which is currently under review.”

One of the most disturbing and outrageous things about this upcoming newspaper bailout is the fact that when you look at who owns newspapers and many media outlets, it turns out that they’re often controlled by massive corporations making hundreds of millions of dollars.

Why should taxpayer money go towards that?

Meanwhile, more and more Canadians are turning to independent sources for news, and those sources are more trustworthy precisely because they don’t get any government funding. People choose to fund them, rather than having their tax dollars forcibly taken away and given to the governments favorite media allies.

Of course, the rise of independent media terrifies the Trudeau government and the corrupt elites, because they want to be able to control what opinions and facts are allowed, and which ones are blocked.

We recently learned that the Trudeau government is considering bring back ‘hate speech’ laws that will make it far easier for the government to prosecute online opinions they disagree with.

So, we can see how that is connected with the upcoming newspaper bailout. On one hand they will silence dissenting opinions, on the other they will give money to those who say what they like.

It’s deeply disturbing.

Spencer Fernando

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Linda Kane

This is serious stuff! Free Speech is being “Stifled” by a Marxist-type Government. They are using our Taxpayer $$ to fund this charade!
Democracy is in Deep Trouble!


the reason the press is called the free press is because it is supposed to be free of political influence… which news sources are to be or are involved? boycott them and their advertisers…

tTommy Hawk

This is more than ‘disturbing,’ it is another clear signal that the Liberals want to propagandize the Canadian public by taking this step.

This is similar to their funding of the CBC which actually supports the Liberals (always has) and if this deal materializes (as I suspect it will) that will be two government controlled media outlets, notwithstanding how much Liberal money may well be being ‘possibly received’ by other news outlets.

There can be no doubt that we only know of the smallest fish in the lake.


He will control the media, how awful for free speech in this country, its bad enough with the tainted CBC news and now this. Too much government control, Trudeau is a dictator in hiding.

Chris vrecko

Oh he’s not hiding. He is doing this brazenly, in full view. Surprised Canadians are putting up with his mental state of mind and allowing him to destroy us in full view of the rest of the free world.

Maureen Henderson

Everyday they are taking more control, and the sad thing is there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it, it is very scary, our country is doomed if we have to,wait till 2019 . It will,be too late. I think the whole election was fixed in the first place and it will probably happen again .


Of course, it was fixed. Nothing good was said in the MSM about Harper, it was constant bashing.

Ray Decorby

To me this is one of the most dangerous and disturbing long term strategic moves this gov’t is taking. We all know how the CBC; who are bought and payed for; fauns, and panders to this Liberal gov’t…why would they bit the hand feeds them. The more media this gov’t feeds, the bigger their propaganda machine gets! Most Canadians and low information voters still unfortunately only listen to MSM. Subsidizing media, and thus controlling their narrative dangerous for free press in Canada. Guaranteed if you don’t support the Liberal machine, your funding will be cut going forward.


Yup! EVERYTHIING ABOUT JIHADI DICTATOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU IS VERY DISTURBING which he enjoys doing. As long as you Spencer, are ‘free’ to think for yourself and deliver the ‘real’ story is all that matters. Technology is so advance that, before the main trudeau nationalist media get hold of it we are in full alert. Another thing about the Canadian media ‘THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN FREE TO REPORT without first consulting the LPC; this has been going on for decades so truly speaking- NOTHING HAS CHANGED NOR CHANGE FOR THE MEDIA. If Canada had real reporting and reporters were free to… Read more »


Imam Tawhidi‏
Hey @JustinTrudeau I heard your speech at the World Economic Forum. You spoke about the #metoo movement and protecting women’s rights. Well you can start protecting them by not bringing back hundreds of ISIS Jihadi rapists. If any leader in that forum needs to hear this it’s you.

You see what I mean Spencer, IMAM TAWHIDI knows more about Justin Trudeau to point out what he is doing than you ever hear from the Canadian liberal media.


This is a giant waste of money as i know of no one that still buys newspapers and the TV never comes on for news but i do record a few shows mostly documentaries and the od series. even if he owns them few get news from them so this is a waist and a liberal NWO thing already proven to be failing for putting out fake news.

Clive Edwards

I guess merely depositing funds into numbered accounts in the Bahamas doesn’t lever the same support among the voters.


when was the first and last time the media went after the liberal party of Canada on their corruption and Justin trudeau’s ethics violations on a regular basis like they are doing to President Trump and PM Stephen Harper? Seems to me the media are already for that matter, decades under the rule and thumb of the liberal party. If the media were ACTUALLY doing their jobs and the liberals decided to control them to suit their purpose then, we have something to worry about. BUT WE NEVER HAD A MEDIA. Why do you think we have Spencer, the rebel… Read more »


We don’t have to read or subscribe to the magazines and papers. Research as much as you can regarding going incognito on the internet. Stay away from Google, Twitter, and Facebook. They record and sell every keystroke and censor what they can’t sell. No problem to find all kinds of information on making an IED or pages supporting Muslim terrorists, but try to find much positive about freedom of speech or how Israel is doing and you get limited or misdirected. Suckerberg is very very dangerous. The Liberal Government is very very dangerous. Trudeau is very dangerous. We don’t have… Read more »

Diana Barron

Jihadi Justine already pays the CBC ONE BILLION dollars a year of taxpayer money to be his personal PR Firm and publish no news items/stories/photos about HIM unless he and his Liberals in Ottawa approve them. Canadian news is so whitewashed and scrubbed clean I read it sparingly.


So true…


This is Justin Trudeau’s office telephone number, please call and give your opinion(613) 992-4211

Chris vrecko

Hell you can’t even get a grant from these creeps unless you agree with the propaganda they are shoving down our throats. Never have I hated politicians as much as I despise the batch we have at the present time. I see a total collapse of our country lioming in the very near future unless we get it together and remove them. The problem with that is HOW!


Same in France. millions in subventions for papers who should go bankrupt but become the tools of the government, 100%…


Government funding media is just not on. This is heading to the USSR and Pravda the state mouthpiece. That is what CBC is and we don’t need more of that.

Trudeau must go.

Debora Connolly

Probably payback for getting rid of Onario’s Brown. The last thing that the Federal Liberals want is an Ontario Premier who does not promote abortion. The media, using “anonymous victims” did the dirty work of the Federal Liberals.


Another disgusting item in J. Trudeau’s long list of wasted of money. Right up there with the millions for a stupid skating rink.

How many clean water systems could have been installed with that money, after all J. Trudeau only gave away billions.?


Much of our news is not reported now, particularly if it does not support
Trudeau or his views. Women I know would not refer to him as a feminist,
with his views and media façade he presents.
I get my news from alternative sites, the msn is often ‘fake news’ or
Also, Justine, I don’t need you to take care of women as you profess.
If you did our news would report a lot more rapes etc in Canada under
your watchful eye.


Now anyone who criticizes the Trudeau government won’t get the tax dollars.
Trudeau is a banana republic dummy.