BAD NEWS: Trudeau Government Planning Taxpayer-Funded Newspaper Bailout

The last thing we need is the anti-free speech Trudeau government making even more of the media dependent on them for survival.

The Trudeau government is planning to spend Canadian taxpayers money on a bailout of newspapers and other media, in a move that will further increase the governments power over the media – which is a very disturbing move considering how much the Trudeau government opposes free speech.

According to the CP“The financing is expected to be doled out through the Canada Periodical Fund, which currently assists print magazines, non-daily newspapers and digital periodicals. Heritage Minister Melanie Joly reportedly discussed the matter during a meeting Thursday with representatives of the Federation nationale des communications, which represents 7,000 people who work in culture and communications. Joly’s spokesman, Simon Ross, didn’t deny the report and says there will be an announcement in the coming weeks or months concerning the $75-million annual fund, which is currently under review.”

One of the most disturbing and outrageous things about this upcoming newspaper bailout is the fact that when you look at who owns newspapers and many media outlets, it turns out that they’re often controlled by massive corporations making hundreds of millions of dollars.

Why should taxpayer money go towards that?

Meanwhile, more and more Canadians are turning to independent sources for news, and those sources are more trustworthy precisely because they don’t get any government funding. People choose to fund them, rather than having their tax dollars forcibly taken away and given to the governments favorite media allies.

Of course, the rise of independent media terrifies the Trudeau government and the corrupt elites, because they want to be able to control what opinions and facts are allowed, and which ones are blocked.

We recently learned that the Trudeau government is considering bring back ‘hate speech’ laws that will make it far easier for the government to prosecute online opinions they disagree with.

So, we can see how that is connected with the upcoming newspaper bailout. On one hand they will silence dissenting opinions, on the other they will give money to those who say what they like.

It’s deeply disturbing.

Spencer Fernando

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