Ontario PCs Pick Vic Fedeli As Interim Leader, Will Hold Leadership Race Before Election

If the party had refused to hold a leadership contest, they would have faced anger from members for removing a democratically elected leader and denying party members a choice on his replacement.

The Ontario PC Party will be holding a leadership race to select the replacement for Patrick Brown.

There seems to have been some confusion within the party leadership structure, as the caucus chose Vince Fedeli as the interim leader, and he gave the impression he would lead the party in the campaign.

Not long after, the party announced that they would hold a leadership race after all, ensuring that the process remains democratic.

Had they refused to give members a vote, there would have been a lot of anger from those who participated in the democratic process and had their chosen leader removed.

After all, Patrick Brown was democratically elected, yet the party membership had no say in whether he stayed on or not. As a result, making sure the new leader is also democratically elected is essential.

The next PC Leader could be well positioned, as a new poll shows that despite the controversy the PCs have a 15 point lead over the Liberals.

Of course, the Ontario PCs have become adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, so it remains to be seen whether they can actually close the deal this time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube