POLL: After Controversy, Ontario PCs Lead Wynne Liberals By 15 Points

In a survey taken after Patrick Brown resigned as Ontario PC leader, the Liberals remain far behind the official opposition party.

Despite recent controversy, a new Forum Research poll shows the Ontario PCs with a decisive lead among voters.

Here are the key results:

PCs 42%, Liberals 27%, NDP 23%, Greens 6%.

Notably, Patrick Brown was still struggling with name recognition at the time of his departure, meaning much of the PC vote was based upon a desire for replacing the Wynne Liberals high-debt, high tax, high energy cost agenda with a Conservative alternative, rather than an attachment to a specific leader.

That can be seen in the fact that 36% of Ontarians say the controversy won’t impact their vote, while 25% actually say they are more likely to vote PC as a result.

Meanwhile, just 15% say it makes them more likely to vote Liberal, while 12% say it makes them more likely to vote NDP.

This points to a serious problem for the Wynne Liberals, as a large percentage of the province appears determined not to elect them again, regardless of whatever controversy is taking place with the PCs.

The poll also shows Christine Elliot and Doug Ford as the front-runners to be the new PC Party leader, with 12% and 11% respectively.

Read the full Forum Research poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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mellany McKenzie

The trillium party and the pc party should unite.

Does anyone remember when Manning from Alberta became the official opposition?

Marjorie mole

Just to let you know I’ve been completely blocked by TWITTER.

alan skelhorne

if anyone votes for mr. wynne, there is something terribly wrong with you. really 330 billion dollars in debt, and nothing so show for it.


Allan, it is real? 330 billion dollars in debt for Ontario? That is a shock.


it would be less damaging to ontario to keep wynne on unemployment benefits…

Joel Brooks

This “controversy “ will not change the way I vote. We need someone who understands what the average Ontario resident needs. Lower taxes. Lower energy costs

Carole H

I don’t know if he would be interested, but Charles Harnick, our former AG in the Mike Harris government, would be an excellent choice. I believe he was also involved in the Department of Indian Affairs (not sure of the name). He is a lawyer from Toronto and is a very good negotiator and mediator. The PC party would be wise to do a quick look around and call a convention very quickly. An interim leader will be tough for people to vote on … not knowing who might take his/her place. He certainly has the credentials and the experience.

Sean Short

You can’t possibly be credibile if you elect Ford.