READ: Patrick Brown’s Sister Defends Him, Says “He Did Not Deserve This”

In a Facebook post, Stephanie Brown strongly defended her brother.

Patrick Brown’s sister Stephanie Brown has come forward with a strong defense of her brother in the wake of his resignation as Ontario PC Leader.

Brown’s statement comes as more people are raising concerns about how quickly Brown was abandoned by the party he led, and how his political career has been seemingly destroyed by anonymous allegations.

Stephanie Brown’s statement can be read below:

Text of the post is below:

“What happened to my brother was disgusting. And make no mistake, he is the victim. Thank you to those who have reached out and shared your outrage. I appreciate it immensely.These completely false allegations were 100% politically motivated and nothing more than a political hit. I know them for a fact to be untrue. Those who know me would characterize me as a strong feminist but making false allegations does not help the feminist cause. Applauding accusers who remain nameless ghosts to bolster political capitol- pathetic. My brother is the kindest person I have ever known- he has always worked tirelessly to help people. He did not deserve this…”

The statement comes as PC Party interim leader Vic Fedeli said he wouldn’t sign Patrick Brown’s nomination papers if the allegations against him stand.

Spencer Fernando

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Maureen henderson

I feel so very sorry for Patrick Brown, he does not deserve this. these women should be made to show their faces and names, also take a lie detector test, they are ruining this mans life and they don’t even have to,show their face, this is not right and I think the crooked liberals are behind the whole thing. What on earth is our world coming to.

Robert Anstey

” WHY ” then did he quit , an innocent man has the right to challenge his accusers in a court of law , he choose not too .


Robert, he can’t counter sue his accusers as their names are protected since they went to the media anonymously instead of filing a police report or launching a civil action. That’s the law, and anonymous accusations took down the opposition leader of a Canadian province. What if he’s innocent? He has no recourse. He can’t sue to clear his name unless they come forward. Get it.

Allis Chalmers

Politics has become a cesspool where they will eat their young to save themselves. Now the new weapon paid women by the opposition declaring sexual assault years after the supposed incident yet no reporting to police crime ever happened.


many more than brown s sister feel the same way …the feminist MOVEMENT goes too far …can the Wynnebag be behind this ? strike while the iron is hot ???


This just seems to early in the game to be effective at crippling the Conservatives.


While we just don’t know where the ‘truth’ lies with this situation, the accusations bear all the signs of a desperate political hit, perfectly timed to impede the chances of the Conservatives replacing the disgraced Wynn liberals in Ontario’s next provincial election. These types of depraved political attacks have recently become more frequent in critical ‘high stakes’ elections, when political ethics (an oxymoron?) are abandoned, most notably by liberal /democrat interests in favor of “the end justifies the means.” When aided and abetted by a biased /corrupt MSM, this presents a serious threat to western democracy.

chris malmstrom

the timing, the lack of substance…everything about this stinks! we all know how corrupt the Liberals are, is it possible they could stoop this low…

Sandra Clark

Damned right he was abandoned. Talk about swift. Not guilty until proven in court with evidence to back it up. Patrick Brown’s sister is right…it is disgusting. If you are going to accuse a man and destroy his political career and his reputation you do not hide in the dark and remain nameless. I personally did not agree with most of his policies, but a man has the right to a fair trial “before” he is thrown under the bus and his life is “totally destroyed”. What if he is really innocent? No one knows. Personally, I think the whole… Read more »


Justin Trudeau played judge jury and executioner in damning Patrick Brown of sexual allegations from two women that surprisingly come forward just before the election which according to them happened years ago. Why wait 10 – 20 years?? Sheesh!! Probably false allegations and another person‘s life ruined! I believe these allegations, like so many, are cooked up by the opposition. And what about the women who commit sexual misconducts, eh? Time the guys started exposing them too!! I believe he is innocent and I hope the two women, who seemed to be looking for their own gain at the time… Read more »


Dealing with Left witch hunts, never apologize and never resign, and never back down! The Left/Liberals have learned that character assignation works with Conservatives. I’ve never know why?? Conservatives have to start fighting back by refusing to be victims. Who knows. The accusers might be paid to accuse.

Robert Anstey

Then why did he quit ?