READ: Patrick Brown’s Sister Defends Him, Says “He Did Not Deserve This”

In a Facebook post, Stephanie Brown strongly defended her brother.

Patrick Brown’s sister Stephanie Brown has come forward with a strong defense of her brother in the wake of his resignation as Ontario PC Leader.

Brown’s statement comes as more people are raising concerns about how quickly Brown was abandoned by the party he led, and how his political career has been seemingly destroyed by anonymous allegations.

Stephanie Brown’s statement can be read below:

Text of the post is below:

“What happened to my brother was disgusting. And make no mistake, he is the victim. Thank you to those who have reached out and shared your outrage. I appreciate it immensely.These completely false allegations were 100% politically motivated and nothing more than a political hit. I know them for a fact to be untrue. Those who know me would characterize me as a strong feminist but making false allegations does not help the feminist cause. Applauding accusers who remain nameless ghosts to bolster political capitol- pathetic. My brother is the kindest person I have ever known- he has always worked tirelessly to help people. He did not deserve this…”

The statement comes as PC Party interim leader Vic Fedeli said he wouldn’t sign Patrick Brown’s nomination papers if the allegations against him stand.

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