REPORT: Study Shows The Worst-Case UN Global Warming Predictions Lack Credibility

The results raise questions about why the UN predicted such large potential increases in global temperature.

A new study shows that the worst-case scenarios for global warming predicted by the UN are lacking in credibility.

As reported by the AFP, “Earth’s surface will almost certainly not warm up four or five degrees Celsius by 2100, according to a study released Wednesday (Jan 17) which, if correct, voids worst-case UN climate change predictions.”

‘”Our study all but rules out very low and very high climate sensitivities,” said lead author Peter Cox, a professor at the University of Exeter.”

The study showed that the range for potential world temperature increase was between 2.2 degrees Celsius, and 3.4 degrees Celsius – with an average estimate of 2.8 degrees Celsius.

By contrast, the UN had predicted a range between 1.5 degrees Celsius and 4.5 degrees Celsius. The higher end of that range was used to make doomsday predictions and justify policies that would take power away from nation-states and crush western economies.

This study raises doubts about what the UN is really up to, and many are realizing that they’re really focused on centralizing wealth and power, rather than addressing the climate.

Beyond this study, there has been increasing discussion about ‘global cooling,’ with more potential evidence emerging that makes it something worth considering.

This uncertainty is why we must always be wary of politicians and globalist organizations that want us to give up our wealth and control in order to “save the planet.”

Their true agenda is clearly about something else.

Spencer Fernando

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