VIDEO: Doug Ford Announces Run For Leadership Of Ontario PC Party

In his announcement, Ford ripped into the elites and pledged to “clean up the mess” left in the wake of the PC Party descending into chaos.

Former Toronto city councillor and mayoral candidate Doug Ford is running for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party.

In the announcement, Ford said “The elites of this party do not want me in this race. This is truly a critical moment for our party. We cannot have a strong Ontario without a strong Progressive Conservative party.”

“Right now this party needs strong leadership. Someone who’s ready to clean up the mess and lead us into the June election,” added Ford.

Watch Ford’s announcement video below:

Populist appeal

While the elites have already dismissed Ford, it’s worth noting that both he and his brother showed an ability to win votes in the suburbs of Toronto – in a way that most conservatives have failed to do.

Rather than let the elite media set the agenda, Ford has been willing to represent the real views of many voters, instead of hiding behind the political correctness that is increasingly suffocating debate and discussion in our society.

Ford is also likely to present ideas that are far more fiscally conservative than what the PC Party has offered so far – especially considering that the so-called “people’s guarantee” was dismissed by many as Liberal policies under a different name.

Democracy is about a real choice, and that’s why Doug Ford’s entry into the race is a good thing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube