The Voices Of Canadian Patriots Have Been Silenced For Far Too Long

If the true views of the Canadian people continue to be shut out of power, our nation will become weaker and weaker, and our amazing potential will be squandered.

Canada is a nation with endless potential. Our hard-working people, abundant land, and tremendous natural resources give us the possibility to be the wealthiest and strongest nation on earth.

Unfortunately, that potential is being crippled by ‘leaders’ beholden to a corrupt ideology, more focused on serving global interests than standing up for Canadians. They purposely ignore what Canadians really want, and impose their own dangerous agenda instead – selling us out for their benefit.

As more and more people wake up to this truth, Canadian Patriots continue to grow in number. Despite the best efforts of the elites to destroy any national pride in being Canadian, more people are declaring that they are proud to be Patriotic, and demand leadership that truly represents our nation.

Yet, for far too long, the voices of Canadian Patriots have been silenced, and the consequences are serious.

We can see the consequences in the fact that despite almost all Canadians wanting offshore tax havens closed, there is no movement toward doing so – while elitist insiders avoid the taxes all the rest of us are expected to pay.

We can see it in how the majority of Canadians in all provinces supported Bill 62, yet every major federal political party condemned it and refused to represent the beliefs of Canadians.

We can see it in how quick many politicians are to bring attention to certain crimes, yet remain silent on other crimes, depending on whether they can virtue-signal about who was the victim/perpetrator – rather than condemning all crime.

We can see it in how our nation is increasingly becoming an economic colony of foreign corporations and foreign governments, while many of our own citizens struggle amid crippling taxes and rising debt – all because of deliberate government policy.

And, we can see it in the fact that the defence of our nation has been abandoned, like a beautiful house without a fence or even a door on it to protect what is inside.

The longer this goes on, the less democratic our nation becomes. And that’s why those in power continue to attack the growing number of Patriotic Canadians who are refusing to be silenced or manipulated by the propaganda lies of the elites.

As more people wake up, it becomes tougher and tougher for those lies to work, so we see things such as the Trudeau government working toward expanding the definition of ‘hate speech,’ and seeking to bring back laws that restrict the expression of opinions online.

Meanwhile, our nation is sold out to the globalists, as Canadian companies are taken over and our leaders reduce our national sovereignty and independence. This leads to absurdities like China being allowed to take sensitive national security companies, and eastern provinces buying oil from Saudi Arabia – instead of Alberta.

Instead of Patriotism, the globalists offer us identity politics, which weakens our nation internally and is tearing Canada apart piece by piece.

That’s why Canadian Patriots are the only hope for Canada to achieve our full national unity and our full economic potential. Patriotism vs Globalism is the fight of our time, and Canada’s survival as a true nation rests upon us winning that fight.

Spencer Fernando

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