WATCH: Scheer Demands Trudeau Repay Cost Of “Illegal Trip”

Trudeau can certainly afford to pay back Canadian taxpayers for the full cost of his Aga Khan island trip. So why has he refused to do so?

In Question Period, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer repeatedly demanded that Justin Trudeau repay Canadian taxpayers for the cost of his trip to the Aga Khan’s private island.

The Ethics Commissioner found the trip violated federal ethics rules, making Trudeau the first Prime Minister to be found in violation of a federal statute while in office.

As Canadians know, Trudeau is wealthy and well-connected, and can certainly afford to pay back the cost.

Yet, he has refused to do so, and repeatedly pathetically dodged Scheer’s demands that he do the right thing:

Trudeau refuses to address real issue

As you can see above, Trudeau refused to address the real issue. He kept saying he would “accept responsibility,” but accepting responsibility means doing what Scheer demanded – paying back Canadian taxpayers the cost of the trip.

By refusing to do so, Trudeau shows once again that his words are empty, and that he feels entitled to the money of Canadian taxpayers, even though he has his own personal fortune.

Not quite the middle class champion he claimed to be. Instead, he’s a servant of the corrupt global elites, pretending to care about Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

Is that the best that Scheer can do? Of course Trudeau will not pay for the trip, small change for him, as that would be an admission that he did anything wrong. Trudeau gave a non-apology apology. Scheer should call for Trudeau’s resignation! But that might be too mean and tarnish the “positive vision” that he has been hawking.


This is such small change relative to the damage that JT has done to our county. Really, Scheer, the dimples are nice but please loose some weight, step up and offer a credible alternative. We are begging for it, Canada’s survival is at stake.

Dave French

L. … YOU sound like a Liberal bad mouthing Scheer, but pretending to be otherwise, and also being unnecessarily derogatory.
Well then, Liberal Trudeau is a liar, thief, canNOT communicate (umms, eers, aahs,) is a fanatic taking selfie photos of himself, is totally useless in politics, a traitor to Canada….
BUT, oh ya JT has nice hair … gawd etc. and has nothing more going for himself.

Ray walsh

Well said Dave French, TRUDEAU is the most dangerous idiot in Canada right now because he WILL destroy the country with his migration and financial policies –unless Morneau tells him otherwise and before Canadians know it sharia law will be the norm in OUR COUNTRY

Chris vrecko

Agreed. How can a prime minister that has broken the law stay in the house legally. He should have been escorted out of parliament and another election called. It is a bloody disgrace he has been found guilty and is still in charge. Furious that this little pr—k gets away with this and the leader of opposition is not yelling demanding resignations. Come on Scheer, get infront of TV cameras, get on radio and expose! That is your job. If you are to nice then hand it to someone who isn’t.


Spencer, your words are just lovely! Trudeau does not walk the talk at all.

Paul Collinson

TRUDEAU is the worst p.m . ever and everyone knows that by now I’m sure .
He will take every dime from Canadians as long as he’s in the p.m’s. Seat .
Sheer is on the rite track he’s young but he has my vote . We Canadians NEED to be together on voting TRUDEAU out of office !! He’s Killing Canada .
With sheer we would have at least a chance of rebuilding Canada and paying the billions of dollars TRUDEAU has given away to foreign nation’s and the ever so useless UNITED NATIONS .

Dave French

PAUL COLLINSON … you nailed it about Trudeau … keep doing it.

Kristine Bodnaruk

then I suggest the ethics member request it to be paid back in full to canada

Chris vrecko

No, resignation. He has been found guilty of theft and needs to be removed and another election called.


We know that the despicable individual we call PM will not right HIS wrongs…his rhetoric is a substitute …however, the repeat and repeat by Scheer and the party of the wrong he is doing and has done is necessary for Canadians to NOT FORGET ….keep at it Andrew !!!


dictator truduh! feels he is above reproach on every matter

Dave French

I hope Scheer keeps holding Trudeau’s feet to the fire and making JT answer the questions honestly that Scheer puts to him. JT hates telling the truth and being shown up the lying SOB he is continually. GOOD JOB SCHEER keep after Trudeau and the Liberals !!!


for your readers: This site has some interesting petitions and propose many challenges to our current Dictatorship/Government worth looking at: here’s a sampling: Democracy Watch (January 30, 2018) News Release Democracy Watch requests that new Ethics Commissioner not make any decisions affecting Liberals because of bias Democracy Watch (January 29, 2018) News Release Bill C-65 just nice words on paper – to actually protect workers Trudeau government needs to implement House Committee recommendations to strengthen protection of all workers in federal politics, and also extend protection to whistleblowers who work in federal businesses Democracy Watch (January 25, 2018) News Release… Read more »

Donna Dumenko



Canadians DEMAND that this Trudeau, the Thief, pay Us back for Robbing Us Hard Working Canadians $215,000.00 for an Illegal, Unethical Trip to Billionaire’s Island! Canadians DEMAND that you Answer the Question that you have “Refused” to Answer – Are you Giving us our Money Back that you Stole, and When??