WATCH: US President Donald Trump Delivers State Of The Union Address

Quick-response polls showed the speech was well-received.

US President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address, where he focused on American heroes, economic growth, immigration, foreign policy, and the importance of national unity.

Early quick-response polls showed the majority of viewers found the speech was very well-received:

The speech repeatedly emphasized the idea of bringing Americans together around Patriotism and service to fellow citizens.

If you missed the speech, the full video is below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Mr. Spencer Fernando; come on now, I enjoy your posting which most time are informative, factual and up front. The President speach was nothing more then a typical political speach, full of hype on what the people want to hear, and nothing firm of what he will do. Sure hints of what may happen, but as any political party in power are going to what they wish to do no matter what maybe better for the people! Time will tell where he is heading, as we normaly see in Canadian politics. With this goof ball I’m sure there is no… Read more »

Major Tom

Outstanding! A leader! And we’re stuck with a metrosexual pussy………..

Ron Voss

Refreshing to hear from a leader who lays out a bold national unifying vision for his people unlike our progressive globalist PM who regards Canada as the world’s “first post-national state” with no “core identity” or “mainstream” other than the identity he prescribes.


I do think he is doing what he can to clear some historical corruption. see link below

This is not an official government site. But when the trials begin, they will be covered here:

On this same day he added and executive order to deal with terrorists.
In case you miss this on our mainstream news.

New executive order signed Jan 30 2018 re Dentention of terrorists


Thank you, Spencer. I wonder what Trudeau would say if we had a yearly….”What to be proud of…….” kind of speech? What would he celebrate? Increased taxes, inflation, transparency, China trade deals, more regulations, higher debt, increased illegal immigration, investment leaving, etc….etc….etc…..Trump’s speech was great! Seeing the “sit-down Dems” was also great and educational.




Justin Trudeau could not EVER show the love for Canada and canadians the way U.S. President Trump does for his people and USA with every ounce of his being.

The Canadian reporters would rather defend and protect that terrorist loving Justin Trudeau than they ever would their country Canada and her citizens.


The divergence between the president and our ”leader” is breathtaking .
Have watched this speech verbatim twice now and fail to see anything substantial
for critics to wine about . Then watch Trudeaus Davos speech and you see polar opposites.
Naturally the Canadian msm is silent on Trusdeaus anti capitalist , anti business , left wing
speech and the international msm doesnt care what Trudeau says.
In just moments Canada has lost credibility as a serious place to invest or do business.