OWNED: Lisa Raitt Calls Out Hypocrite Trudeau For Holding Himself To Lower Standard Than Cabinet Ministers By Refusing To Pay Back Improper Expenses

Why is Trudeau holding himself to a lower standard than he sets for his cabinet ministers?

When former Health Minister Jane Philpott was caught taking expensive limo rides at the taxpayers expense, Justin Trudeau said she should pay it back.

And yet, now that Trudeau has been caught in a far more ‘improper’ situation after his Aga Khan island trip was ruled to be against federal ethics rules, he is refusing to pay back Canadians.

It’s massive hypocrisy.

As the leader of the government, Trudeau should be setting the highest standard, instead he’s using the “do as I say, not as I do” method of ‘leadership,’ holding others to a standard he’s not willing to reach himself.

It’s not the first time Trudeau has done this.

He tried to rob Canadian small businesses of their money through his outrageous tax policies, even as he crowed about “tax fairness.”

Meanwhile, he has refused to stop the corrupt elites from using foreign offshore tax havens to avoid taxes – even though 86% of Canadians want the tax havens banned.

The hypocrisy reaches new levels considering that Trudeau is holding a female minister – Philpott – to a much higher standard then himself, yet still pretends he is all about ‘equality.’

Watch as Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt exposes this hypocrisy in Question Period:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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