PENSION BETRAYAL: Canadian Veterans Suing Trudeau Government

Veterans from the Equitas case say the government has betrayed their promise to Canadian Veterans, and failed to keep their promise of restoring the pension for life.

During the 2015 campaign, Justin Trudeau promised to restore the pension for life that had been taken away in 2006 through the hated New Veterans Charter.

Two years later, Trudeau had a chance to keep that promise.

Instead, he and the federal betrayed Canadian Veterans.

As Canadian Veteran Mark Campbell said about the Trudeau government’s so-called “pension for life” plan, “The new pension for life is nothing more than a shell game.”

This betrayal – and the fact that both the Harper and Trudeau government argued in court that the federal government has no “social covenant” or “obligation” to Canadian Veterans.

It’s a sickening disgrace, as our disloyal ‘leaders’ are claiming they owe nothing to those who put their lives on the line for all of us.

And this goes all the way through the legal system, as they are fighting a BC court decision. “Lawyer Don Sorochan said they are trying to overturn a decision by the B.C. Court of Appeal that there is no legal obligation or social covenant in Canada to those who have served Canada honourably,” according to a recent report.

Obviously, the government should immediately stop fighting Veterans in court and restore the full life long pension and add to it so Veterans get even more.

Even if it takes billions more per year, the price is worth it, since our Veterans deserve the best we can give them.

Of course, the government has no intention of doing the right thing, and that’s why Veterans are forced to turn the Supreme Court.

If the court refuses to make the right decision and support Veterans by clearly stating the government has a sacred covenant with them, than it will show that the entire political system is part of the betrayal of Canada’s bravest citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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We give billions to other countries, we give billions to world services the U.N., the big elitist climate change, World Trade, NATO, etc. etc. but help and protect us, no nothing. Our true patriot Royal Canadian Forces are not the elite, so the people that offered their very lives to protect us get nothing?, even when injured in the line of duty? We really need new laws that protect All real Canadians. We desperately need a real Canadian for Canada government. I would like my tax dollars to be spent on looking after Canada. Lets get rid of this huge… Read more »

Linda Kane

I agree!

Alain Paqu

Love it !

Chris vrecko

I agree, but just a thought “NO pensions for our federal govt. Until our men in the military are paid and paid properly.” This has to be stopped. Enough! Very ashamed at this government.


This is Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s Parliament telephone number, please call and let him know when you disagree with something our government is doing(613) 992-4211


It’s not allowing me to post to fb!!


President Trump could give him some lessons on how to treat
his veterans. Time for a new strong Prime Minister to take over
this country………………not silly socks.
Yes there are some good changes happening south of the border
and if only I could say something positive our globalist PM has done for the citizens of
Canada. Instead of giving away monies to other countries to feed
his ego, Canada needs to reinvest in those who have served and sacrificed
to keep us safe.

Alain Paquin


I guess Harper was doing a way better job than Justin “selfie” Trudeau in this regard…


Not sure of Canada’s politics, but south of the border, people are suffering. Turmp is not good for freedom: not at all.

chris malmstrom

thank you for your service…wish the government felt the same.

Alain Paquin

You’re right…

Chris vrecko

Amen Anne. Actually amen to all of the comments.

Greg mayrhofer

As a disabled veteran, trudeau has hurled the largest snub to all of us veterans with empty promises, and he displays not one ounce of integrity for his statement he made in 2015 election in parliament. He is a man of many false faces, that extend into the public eye of double talk, even with a smile. billions spent of foreign aid and to terrorists, but veterans receive table scraps ,we now have to purse in the supreme court to attempt to correct this vicious wrong, not only for veterans but for the families of veterans , caregivers, ww 11… Read more »

Rob Lussier

“Why are we still fighting certain veterans groups in court? Because they’re asking for more than we are able to give right now,” Trudeau said But… those who join the military sign to give everything including their lives for the government of Canada. The PM uses the troops and vets for selfie moments, he seemingly has absolutely no interest in their welfare beyond that. If it’s not a feel-good selfie moment it is not an issue they want to contend with.

Alden Morrison

I left Montreal at 18 and Joined the Marine Corps during Vietnam and in hindsight it was a good decision. Became a US Citizen and with all the faults of our VA System, I receive a total income of Disability of 2975 month from the VA and 1700 in social security. It is sad to see the way the Canadian government treats its warriors plus I receive all medical including medication for free.
Semper Fi