PENSION BETRAYAL: Canadian Veterans Suing Trudeau Government

Veterans from the Equitas case say the government has betrayed their promise to Canadian Veterans, and failed to keep their promise of restoring the pension for life.

During the 2015 campaign, Justin Trudeau promised to restore the pension for life that had been taken away in 2006 through the hated New Veterans Charter.

Two years later, Trudeau had a chance to keep that promise.

Instead, he and the federal betrayed Canadian Veterans.

As Canadian Veteran Mark Campbell said about the Trudeau government’s so-called “pension for life” plan, “The new pension for life is nothing more than a shell game.”

This betrayal – and the fact that both the Harper and Trudeau government argued in court that the federal government has no “social covenant” or “obligation” to Canadian Veterans.

It’s a sickening disgrace, as our disloyal ‘leaders’ are claiming they owe nothing to those who put their lives on the line for all of us.

And this goes all the way through the legal system, as they are fighting a BC court decision. “Lawyer Don Sorochan said they are trying to overturn a decision by the B.C. Court of Appeal that there is no legal obligation or social covenant in Canada to those who have served Canada honourably,” according to a recent report.

Obviously, the government should immediately stop fighting Veterans in court and restore the full life long pension and add to it so Veterans get even more.

Even if it takes billions more per year, the price is worth it, since our Veterans deserve the best we can give them.

Of course, the government has no intention of doing the right thing, and that’s why Veterans are forced to turn the Supreme Court.

If the court refuses to make the right decision and support Veterans by clearly stating the government has a sacred covenant with them, than it will show that the entire political system is part of the betrayal of Canada’s bravest citizens.

Spencer Fernando

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