REPORT: Conservatives Beat Trudeau Liberals In 2017 Fundraising

The NDP was way behind.

2017 was a good year for the Conservatives when it comes to fundraising, as they outraised the Liberals and massively outraised the NDP.

The Conservatives raised $18.9 million in 2017, while the Liberals raised $14.1 million.

Far behind was the NDP, with just $4.9 million. They received a small bump in the fourth quarter under Jagmeet Singh, but nothing of real significance.

The fourth quarter was a good one for the Conservatives, as noted by analyst Eric Grenier:

“New quarterly fundraising reports posted by Elections Canada show the Conservatives raised $5,833,018 from 40,810 individual contributions in the last three months of 2017. It was the party’s best performance since the third quarter of 2015, when the election campaign was in full swing, and marked an increase of $1.2 million since the last quarter of 2016.”

Meanwhile, “The Liberals raised $5,113,287 from 39,666 contributions, down about $700,000 from last year’s fourth quarter.”

A sign of underlying momentum

While the Trudeau Liberals still hold a small lead in the average of most polls, surveys have shown Canada divided by Trudeau’s leadership. Notably, those who strongly oppose Trudeau outnumber those who strongly support him, giving an intensity advantage to the opposition.

That advantage can show up in fundraising numbers, as the fact that the Conservatives are raising both more money and have more donors shows they retain a strong core level of support, and it’s a sign of underlying momentum.

Whether they can leverage that momentum into a nationwide movement to sweep the disloyal Trudeau government from power remains to be seen.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Thank you Spencer for this good news. I really hope that we all get out to vote for a Canadian patriot party, I would really like to hear more about Andrew Scheer and hope he will be a real honest person who understands finance that this huge debt is making us weak as someone else owns us, and that he can reach the real Canadian population and keep us equal and undivided, a huge task. He will have to be a very strong person to put up with all the unethical Liberal trickery and fixing the lax government laws that… Read more »


Well said, Nancy. Dee is also right on. The only way we can change Liberal corruption is to get a majority.


Thank you Nancy awesome post,


i am quite sure the liberal coffers will be filled up by out of country soros backed N.W.O. groups… political parties should not be able to accept money from out of country special interest groups… trudeau foundation in 2016 took in over 535 million dollars from out of country special interest groups… what do they want in return? why does trudeau even have a foundation? btw, if you have not seen the 60 minutes geoge soros interview, look it up on youtube… he proudly makes his money be destroying country economies…

Dave French

Conservatives WILL defeat the Liberals in the 2019 federal election with a large majority.
Voters are putting their money and giving their backing to the Conservatives.
The majority of Canadians will VOTE OUT TRUDEAU in 2019 … guarantee.
As for all these so called polls … These are basically useless … it depends where the polls is given, asked, what media used and their political preference, how the question(s) are stated/asked, etc. The ONLY poll that truly counts is the election day polling station where these votes have any validity-legitimacy.


Unfortunately, with the Liberals refusing to do anything about foreign financial interference in Canadian elections, Soros will likely again funnel money to interfere. His Open Borders Society can be expected to funnel money to Tides Canada and other environmental terrorists who then, in turn, slither money to Dogwood Initiative. Do your own research on both. Disturbing. Dogwood pretends to care about Orcas and salmon and bears and trees but is proud that they were involved in over 100 Constituency campaigns. All except two or three were won by Liberals. About a year ago, Canadian Senators requested that the Liberals and… Read more »


Del you have a very informed intelligent way of stating things I did read these articles and stupidly thought they would be fixed by now we really need a good set of Canadian strong fair equal laws and Judges who will use them correctly if we want to keep Canada.