O CANADA POLL: Massive Opposition To Trudeau Liberals National Anthem Changes

With over 1,700 votes, poll shows a whopping 95% won’t sing the changed words Trudeau is forcing into Canada’s National Anthem.

While Trudeau and the elitist press are breathlessly proclaiming that we have a “new national anthem,” it seems nobody bothered asking the Canadian people what we think.

That’s why I conducted a poll on Twitter, to show what Canadians are really thinking.

The results were overwhelming:

Trudeau National Anthem Changes - 1


Over 1,700 people voted, and a whopping 95% said they will continue to sing the historic words “In all thy sons command.”

A mere 5% said they would say the words Trudeau wants, “in all of us command.”

Importantly, the total number of respondents is comparable – and even above – what many “official” polls have in terms of a response.

Clearly, the governing and media elites are out step with the Canadian people on the Anthem (and everything else).

Because the Trudeau Liberals wanted a new “politically correct” anthem, our historic anthem is being changed – without giving Canadians a vote on it.

Yet, as the poll above shows, Canadians aren’t going to sing the “new” version, and will stick to the anthem we know and love.

It shows a spirit of independence within Canadians, that we won’t let the government dictate our history to us.

Help spread the word about this poll and make sure people who oppose Trudeau’s anthem changes know that the vast majority of Canadians stand with them.

Spencer Fernando

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