“PUT PEOPLE BEFORE GOVERNMENT”: Scheer Promises Tax Cut For New Parents

Andrew Scheer announced his first economic policy as Conservative leader, promising a tax break for new parents to counter the damaging policies of Justin Trudeau.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the Conservatives will “put people before government,” and announced the first economic policy during his time leading the party.

It’s called the “Supporting New Parents Act,” and the CP notes that it “would see Canadians on parental leave get a credit on their employment insurance benefits equal to the federal tax on those benefits.”

For a family making $50,000 a year, the tax cut will put $4,000 back in their pockets, which will make a big difference considering how Trudeau’s policies – particularly the carbon tax – are raising the already-high cost of living.

The Conservatives will put their policy forward as a private members bill, though it’s more likely to be put in place only if the Conservatives defeat Trudeau in 2019.

Good idea

Scheer’s policy is a good idea. The high cost of living is making it tougher for couples to afford starting a family. Cutting taxes for parents of newborns will make a real difference, and is exactly what the government should be doing, since we should always ensure that Canadian citizens can afford to expand and strengthen their families.

Watch Scheer’s announcement below:


Spencer Fernando

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truduh! has to go… along with his carbon tax…


Sorry Andrew. That is very nice of you and I’m sure it will be appreciated, but, it’s a damn big nothing burger and most Canadians do expect more, much more, from you. Get the rag out and show some leadership.


Always middle class and always families. There are other people in Canada. I don’t see ANYONE pointing out how difficult it is to eat if you are a disabled person living in Canada. (Income: approximately $13,000 per YEAR. Less than minimum wage!) And what about senior citizens … the ones who built this country and sacrificed so that these families can enjoy the wealth that THEY created? Single people? There is never anything to help them out. They get hammered on income tax every year. Wake up people! Andrew and Justin are elitists. They will do everything to buy your… Read more »