REPORT: Under Trudeau Government, Canada Falls 7 Spots In ‘Human Freedom Index’ In Just One Year

The federal government continues stealing economic independence away from Canadians.

Freedom in Canada is declining.

That’s the verdict of the Human Freedom Index, compiled every year by the Fraser Institute and additional think tanks.

According their report, Canada fell from 4th in 2016, to 11th in 2017. It’s a massive drop in just one year.

Meanwhile, the US moved in the opposite direction, with their ranking going from 24th to 17th.

The Fraser Institute notes that the Human Freedom Index is based upon the following areas:

Rule of Law
Security and Safety
Association, Assembly, and Civil Society
Expression and Information
Identity and Relationships
Size of Government
Legal System and Property Rights
Access to Sound Money
Freedom to Trade Internationally
Regulation of Credit, Labor, and Business

The report showed Canada’s “personal freedom” ranking changed by just 1 spot, while our “economic freedom” ranking declined from fifth to 11th – which dragged down Canada’s overall ranking.

This is no surprise, as taxes and regulations are going up constantly under the Trudeau government.

Of course, while organizations often differentiate between economic and personal freedom, we know that less economic freedom means less personal freedom.

Regulations take away our freedom in order to give more power to bureaucrats and politicians.

And with the Trudeau government pushing a carbon tax that keeps going up every year, we can expect our freedom ranking to keep getting worse. Also, the personal freedom ranking will take a hit as the Trudeau government continues to seek ways to suppress and punish freedom of speech.

So, we can now definitively say what Canadian Patriots already know: The Trudeau government is eroding the freedom of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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Since when the UN is interested in ‘ HUMAN RIGHTS’ when despots or tin-pot-dictator sit there. Naturally jihadi Justin is following suit (neglecting our rights) ‘TO GAIN A PERSONAL SEAT AT THE UN.


If I was PM, I’d take Canada out of the United Nations.


there is a movement in Canada to have people conform. our freed0m of thought and expression is being taken away from us our rights as individuals and our right to choose is being taken away from us . our right to religion and liberty is being taken away from us. Canadians wake up.


we can invoke canadians to ” wake up ” but notice that despicable Trudeau talks to the young , naive , innocent and impressionable ….

Chris vrecko

Exactly. He knows (or his handlers do) that we of the older generation wouldn’t vote for that piece of __________ if there was no one else to vote for.
Then I hear they want to drop the legal age of voting to 16. I am so upset today…. This whole thing makes me sick.


Tell me what adult would want 16 year olds to be of voting age and be able to determine their future?? Mind you Captain Fruit Loops has been shown to be stuck in that immature group so it seems. Boomers have to be afraid that these are the ones who will be looking after us in our declining years.