Toronto Stock Exchange Is 4th Worst Performing Exchange Worldwide So Far In 2018

It’s fallen about 1.6% in the new year.

The increasing realization that the Trudeau government is creating an anti-business and anti-investment environment in Canada has made the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), the fourth worst performing in the world so far in 2018.

As noted by BNN, Energy, Telecom, and Utilities are among the worst performing sectors, falling 5.46%, 4.54%, and 4.53% respectively this year alone.

BNN also noted the worst performing stocks:

Pretium Resources: -40.31 per cent

Crew Energy: -28.57 per cent

Corus Entertainment: -27.86 per cent

Advantage Oil & Gas: -26.85 per cent

Peyto Exploration: -25.35 per cent

According to the report, “The TSX Energy index was the biggest drag on the market, extending its losses from 2017. Much like last year, general weakness in natural gas prices is to blame, as crude has held steady above the US$60 per barrel mark.”

This is no surprise, since the Trudeau government has been increasing job-killing regulations, and introducing a carbon tax that will make it tougher for businesses to succeed.

As a result, many Canadian businesses are seeing that the future looks far more uncertain under Trudeau. Not only does this weaken investment, it kills potential jobs.

Meanwhile, more of our companies are being taken away by foreign interests, and tax cuts in the United States make our competitive position even worse.

Finally, a rising tide of foreign money is infecting our country and trying to poison the minds of Canadians against our energy industry, which is blocking us from the true prosperity and financial independence all Canadians deserve.

Spencer Fernando

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obama 2.0 need i say more…


Foreign money to poison the energy industry, like Soros and his Tides Canada, Dogwood Initiative and many others who pretend to be in love with bears and salmon and trees but whose primary mission is to follow the orders or their commandant and manipulate Canadian politics. The Feds over the years have done bugger all regarding foreign interference and with the Liberals, foreign takeovers of companies like Aecon and high technology companies have been encouraged and even ignored. Canadian markets are down today and will recover, at which time I intend to divest much of my Canadian investments and look… Read more »