VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh Comments On Allegation Against NDP MP

Singh says Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir will have his duties as an MP “suspended.”

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh held a press conference to announce that an allegation was sent to the NDP caucus through email regarding MP Erin Weir.

Singh did not say what the allegation was, or who made the allegation against Weir, only mentioning that it alleged Weir “engaged in harassing behaviour towards women, specifically members of the NDP staff team.”

Interestingly, Singh said the allegations weren’t made by a “survivor” (his word), but by someone else.

Singh’s comments can be seen below:

MP Weir also released a statement, which can be read below:

Many have pointed out the absurdity of the situation Erin Weir now finds himself in:

Singh will likely face growing questions about his use of the word “survivor” when referring to allegations that don’t include any life-threatening aspects.

It seems the NDP leader is using the most inflammatory rhetoric possible, in an attempt to raise his own status and image through adherence to total far-left SJW political correctness.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The NDP is in a very weak state with Jagmeet Singh as leader, and as well, he is exhibiting extremely poor judgement in terminating an MP on the basis of third party hearsay. He made this decision based on a misguided desire to please the status quo! He missed the mark!


Ben, interestingly enough, I think Singh is correct in his actions. But why the media and publicity, when the victims clearly aren’t co-operating and want their privacy?

Wayne Warren

Your NDP Party is in tatters across Canada especially the Provincial level as now you have BC fighting against Alberta. Your a miserable failure and poor example for a Party at all levels that is out of control.


Agree with Singh on the importance of believing survivors (outside of the criminal court system), but we can now see the flaws in “survivor-based” resolutions, especially in regards to women’s issues. It appears in this case that the victims have not co-operated with NDP officials, and that’s generally the scenario. Glad Singh is taking action. Singh is doing the right thing. But why the press releases and public announcements, if victims want their privacy and aren’t co-operating? And Singh can’t be taken seriously on women’s issues until he stops advocating for legalization of prostitution, and speaks out against religious extremism.… Read more »


He is just the Leader of a party and is not in Government. Does he have the authority to do anything? Why isn’t he running for Government? Coward?